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Amanda Bynes had everything to succeed: talent, fame, and lobsters dancers, what failed?

When the trial ended, the talented and fun girl who called locusts dancers, it was forgotten, and as we have seen with other child stars, died in a mountain of drugs, alcohol, destruction, and neglect. Since nothing remains of the Amanda Bynes who starred in The Show of Amanda.

Amanda became popular by having his own show on Nickelodeon, in fact she gave life to the a spin off dearest of all: Drake & Josh and also allowed many other children wanted to be actors, singers and even comedians. Further, she was the inspiration of Miley Cyrus or even Hilary Duff. Amanda had everything to succeed, but drugs got in the way. She, as all young wanted to experience and learn, but reached the limit from 2010, just a few years after his career outside in decline.

The most decadent of Amanda Bynes 1

Before the drugs, starred in several movies such as Hairspray, Easy A and She’s the Man that proved to be much more than a little mired in problems. Amanda is much more than just their scandals, which sapped his career and his life, but there is still a thread of hope in it and in all those who grew up with their characters.

2010: Naked

At this time, Amanda began her transition from girl to woman. Despite having 24 years old, did not leave the image of good girl back, so I decided to end it the easy way and practice that found: posing semi-naked. No one saw evil, the fact that the sweet Amanda did that and in fact, she celebrated by holding that it was her body and could do whatever I wanted; however, the true revelation came when it announced that it would withdraw from the action. But after a month, retracted on Twitter “I do not retreat”, which made it suspect to all and sundry.

The most decadent of Amanda Bynes 2

2012: The jail

Amanda seemed to faithfully follow the example of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, as we saw him driving without caution in the streets of Los Angeles in the wee hours of the morning under the influence of alcohol. In 2012, after leaving a party, drove his car in haste, causing a minor accident, but that alarmed the car nearby. They put her in jail for a few hours. Later caused other similar accidents of which he fled the scene of the crime and hurt people. Bynes was really wrong.

The most decadent of Amanda Bynes 3

2013: Change of look

Amanda had an intense change in your appearance that included an increase of weight, piercings on the cheeks, hair color and scanty clothing. Quickly, her attitude also made it, and the magazines and newspapers captured in ugly moments, so that ensured that he would sue all the reporters and even threatened some of them via Twitter. However, they are also faced with other celebrities like Rihanna blaming the singer of the aggression suffered by her boyfriend Chris Brown.

The most decadent of Amanda Bynes 4

2013: once again a jail

Amanda was arrested on several occasions for possessing drugs and attempting to manipulate the evidence. Was subjected to blood tests and psychological to determine if he was in a bad time, especially after you have requested to his family after claiming that they lived at the expense of your money, so “I would rather see them in the street to live with what I won”. After that, they determined that, in effect, had a mismatch psychiatric.

The most decadent of Amanda Bynes 5

2013: More and more jail

Bynes was actually ordered. So, led by California with the aim of finding something to do. So he came to the house of a stranger, and lighted a fire on the sidewalk. He danced, sang and rejoiced on one side of the campfire, so the man called the police and the rest of the neighbors joined her cause. She wanted to be a rapper, so he tried to stop the fire while he sang at full volume. But after a while in prison, his parents went by she asking for legal custody of the girl, who agreed to go to rehab

The most decadent of Amanda Bynes 6

2014: what Recovery?

Amanda Bynes deleted all her tweets negative and tried to have a drug-free life. What he was achieving. Even enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. However, in September, Amanda was arrested again, marking that year as the of your relapse.

The most decadent of Amanda Bynes 7

2015: Nudity… again

Amanda was free, but was still showing signs of emotional imbalance, especially in social networks. He used to upload pictures that she was not afraid to show her body. However, he never looked happy, but tired. Amanda was left to see in topless, in underwear and covered with their hands any part of your body, but what is certain is that his face sported different. I didn’t have a shine or these cheeks are flushed, that characterized the young Bynes, his eyes looked tired and had a certain desolation in their catches. Nothing was good in the life of the actress.

The most decadent of Amanda Bynes 8

2016: a Threat to their parents

After this, he inveighed against their parents ensuring that they the ill-treated and exploited dede girl. She wanted to cut the veins. It was not an exaggeration, in reality he hated his parents. For her, her dad was the worst person in the world and leaked an audio of her saying it. His mom tried to calm her down, but she just fell against his mother. Since then, stayed away from them.

The most decadent of Amanda Bynes 9

2017: sexual Abuse

Throughout the year, underwent different studies and was diagnosed with bi-polarism and major depressive disorder. Was introduced to a treatment in which is introduced a psychiatric hospital in Los Angeles. This was after saying on Twitter that his father was masturbating in front of her and several occasions, sexually abused her. After leaving the place, did not apologize nor denied anything, but has remained out of focus since then reappearing with a notable increase of weight.

The most decadent of Amanda Bynes 10

Amanda was able to make his life a complete disaster (and nobody can blame them, considering their statements) but perhaps it was the pressure of being a girl copy the one that made it to be much more susceptible to the dangers. Even with this, he managed to make his name one of the most recognized and important in the world of sitcoms, and children. Currently, Amanda is far from the spotlight, even from your social networks, but in spite of everything, we have it in the heart and in the memory as the judge who calls the locusts dancers at the end of the show.