Avengers Infinity War x The Simpsons: this is the poster for the chapter inspired by Marvel


The Simpsonsthe famous animated series Fox, returns to its successful crossovers with other franchises of the popular culture in your next episode Bart the Bad Guya chapter planned for this Sunday, march 1, inspired in Avengers Infinity Warone of the most successful films of Marvel Studios. And to celebrate this event, their leaders have shared the poster promotional in the purest style of the film from the brothers Russo.

With special guests the UCM

So, Bart, the Bad Guy will take borrowed several concepts from the plot of Avengers Infinity War with its own interpretation of its protagonists, from a Thanos very particular to several of the superheroes in the film; in addition, the chapter will count with the presence of several guests of luxury as the brothers Russo (directors of Avengers Infinity War), the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Present or the actress Cobie SmuldersMaria Hill in the UCM, to lend their voices to different characters.

So much so, that Joe and Anthony Russo will be interpreted to themselves as producers of a movie of the genre, while Kevin will Present lend his voice to Chinnosthe villain of the chapter inspired by Thanos. For its part, Cobie Smulders construed to Hydrangeaanother of those curious characters of the episode that could pass for the female version of Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The synopsis of the chapter is as witty as the character of the series itself; so much so, that Bart takes advantage of a misunderstanding to pretend to be a child with a serious terminal illness, all to access to an advance private to see one of the films of superheroes most anticipated of all time: Vindicator.

After achieving this, Bart starts abusing the great power they acquired after the outcome of the film, blackmailing their leaders with all sorts of whims, all so you don’t ruin the premiere of the movie with possible spoilers.

The Simpsons already part of the conglomerate of Disney following the acquisition of Fox by such company; recently, Bob Igeruntil now CEO of Disney, he left his position as maximum responsible. Your place will be occupied by Bob Chapekuntil now responsible for the division of Disney parks.

Source | Comicbook