Boxing is the favorite sport of Adriana Lima and, with these 7 video training combined with fitness to make it at home, it can be yours too


It is not a secret for anyone that the boxing is one of the favorite exercises of Adriana Lima. The model tones your body for a long time with this sport and take advantage of any occasion to display it. Videos and photos on Instagram, interviews, photo sessions professionals with brands and even classes taught by herself.

By what we have seen, his trick is to combine this discipline with exercises fitness. A mix created by your personal trainer, Michael Olajidethat is a powerful routine for whole-body exercise. Although we do not have the possibility, for the moment, to attend one of these sessions, the coach of the stars, we can approach them with any of these videos fitboxing.

The chain of gyms Brooklyn Fitboxing shares, during the period of quarantine, a series of free trainings for practicing at home based on the boxing. A huge list of proposals that are published live in the profiles of Instagram of their facilities and on their Youtube account, and that our selection is only a sample.

Workouts with music that a review of the specific techniques of movement and combinations of punches of boxing and can be performed regardless of what your level of fitness or experienceas you can check yourself the intensity.

The challenges (as they call them) last about 47 minutes and are formed by intervals of high intensity and different jobs combined functional training (squats, lunges, push ups, burpees…). In these classes, the sac does not need, if you have gloves, that’s great, but if you do not have do not worry, you can do it also without them.

I, personally, as I’ve tested it. Six months ago that I do this sport constantly and what I like most is that it helps me to unwind and release stress. If you have trouble at first, don’t hundas, little by little you’ll taking practice with the movements and resistance.

Welcome to the world of boxing without the contact.

Photos | @adrianalima