Confirm to Melissa McCarthy as Ursula in the live action “The little Mermaid” | News


Melissa McCarthy, the actress and comedian confirmed the rumor on to give life to Ursula, the evil sea witch in the remake of “The little Mermaid”.

The actress of 49 years chose the famous program of Ellen DeGeneres to confirm the news.“Gave to Ursula, the sea witch, and it is very fun”, said unexpectedly McCarthy.

“Enter the world of Rob Marshall is a dream. I’ve been in London for a week and I’ve noticed that usually I’m not in a camp dance during that time. He is all the while saying: “do you Want to spread out by this shell of twelve meters?” and I answer: “of Course! Of course I want to. Being very creative,” said the comedian.

A while ago I was exposed to the other characters, the first was Halle Bailey, who will be in charge of interpreting to Ariel, the british actor Jonah Hauer-King will do the same with Prince Eric. Jacob Tremblay and Awkwafina are also added to the cast. The first, interpreted the fish to Flounder, the endearing friend of Ariel. While Awkwafina will be the seagull Scuttle. Daveed Diggs, for his part, will be the adorable crab Sebastian.

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