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Tusquets Editores published on the 26th of may Story of Mix, Max and Mex, the last book by the chilean writer Luis Sepúlveda, who died on the 16th of April in Oviedo at the age of 70 as a result of the coronavirus.

Story of Mix, Max and Mex it is a poignant fable of love for the animals, with the friendship between a young man and his lovely cat as the protagonist. “I love all animals, but cats have a special relationship,” noted the author and I was reminded that this passion came to him from an astrologer chinese said to him: “once, in a past life, you were a cat very happy, because you were the favorite cat of a mandarin”.

To Sepúlveda appealed to him of the cats that are the animals, “mysterious, very worthy and independent” and could not help his amazement when he saw the “dignity” that had the small Mix, a cat that his son Max had been adopted at the humane Society of Munich, a small cat that had a face different to any other cat.

The author warns that in the history of the book, you’ll discover that the Mix had “a strange fate that any other animal would have made her suffer a lot”, but “never left the good humor expressed in his purrs and when, like all cats, was absent without leave to be present, wrapped in the great mystery that surrounds cats, in your expression you could see a great happiness.”

On many occasions Sepulveda asked: “what are you thinking, Mix?”. The story I wrote was the alternative to the voice of the silence cat Mix. The editor of Tusquets, Juan Cerezo, has stressed that Sepúlveda mastered, as few have, “the magic of story-telling, and his stories had humor, surprise and a hidden idealism.”

For your editor, Sepúlveda was, perhaps, “the writer in English who best understood the power of Jack London and Ernest Hemingway”, for example, in An old man who read love stories; or the dry poetry of Bruce Chatwin, one of the most beautiful travel books in Spanish, Patagonia Express.

Also knew how to interpret the momentum of the adventure of Francisco Coloane in World the End of the World; or the haunting romanticism of Raymond Chandler in Name of a bullfighter and The end of the story, led by a Juan Belmonte, who is actually his alter ego, the old communist disenchanted willing to leave the face for a just cause.

To purpose of Story of Mix, Max and Mex, Cherry points out that many of you will remember the chilean writer for a series of fables that are “unbeatable incentives for reading for the younger set, and where the adventures of cats and gulls, dogs, snails and whales, illustrated with paradoxical humanity values in the Struggle to believe: the friendship, the lack of prejudices, the work of the team, the loyalty.”


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