Jared Leto and his band sold items with a cause | THE IMPARTIAL

MEXICO CITY.- Jared Leto and his band, Thirty Seconds to Marslaunched to sale t-shirts, hoodies, and face cloths with messages of light tone around the Covid-19.

According to said, also an actor in social networks, the total revenue from their sales will go to various organizations that require it and, especially, to Global Giving, an american NGO with projects in 170 countries.

The collection America presents three models of masks black made from polyester and reusable. One bears the message “If you can read this, you are too close” (If you can read this you’re too close). Each one costs $ 15 (375 pesos).

Also includes t-shirts – $ 50 (thousand 248 pesos) and hoodies to 65 (thousand 622 pesos).

These two garments, in blue or pink, containing the message “Wash your fucking hands” (Wash your damn hands), in addition to lists of things needed to cope with the quarantine, such as toilet paper, the app-based video conferencing Zoom or the documentary series the Tiger King, that Netflix premiered at the end of march on the sordid world of zoos to private in the united States.

Among the products of Thirty Seconds to Mars, the most popular are the ones that have listings with sarcasm. Leto, of 48 years, caused controversy in 2018 to look, at the Los Angeles airport, a sweatshirt that showed the list of the annual salaries of the best models of the world, like Adriana Lima, Gisele Bündchen, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Leto began his confinement just landed from a spiritual retreat. Spent 12 days in an isolated desert and prevented him from knowing everything that was happening at the root of the pandemic of the coronavirus. Decided to walk away to meditate after suffering an accident.

I don’t want to sound dramatic, but that day, almost die. I had a good fall climbing with Alex Honnold in Red Rock. I looked up and in a matter of seconds the rope was tearing up while I was hanging about 600 feet,” he said. On his return, everything had changed drastically.

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