Kylie Jenner, paid$ 85 million for the land that was once Miley Cyrus – the Home of Vogue


Kylie Jenner, paid$ 85 million for the land that was once Miley Cyrus (Foto: Divulgação and Getty Images)

Kylie Jenner does not acquire a property to invest in property. Just a few days after you buy a house for$ 200 million in an upscale Los Angeles, california, she made a cash payment of US$ 15 million ($85 million), in cash, on a plot of five acres of land (approximately 20 acres) is in the Hidden Hills in the san Fernando valley.

Currently, the empty lot has approved plans for the construction of a house of 1672 square meters, with parking for about 12 cars, the inn, the barn, safety, full-time, full-court gymnasium, and a swimming pool. According to “Variety”, it is not known if the young person is going to follow this design or create something for the site.

From 2015 to 2018, with the property that previously belonged to Miley Cyrus, who reportedly kept a horse for his farm there. The singer has decided to sell it 2 years ago for$ 5 million (Us$ 28.3 million in present value terms) to a woman who is not well-known, which later demolished the ranch, which was purchased license for the new complex in fancy before you go to the site, to the front of it.

In addition to the newly acquired mansion in Los Angeles, california, Has got another US$ 13.5 million (Us$ 76.6 million) in the hills above Beverly Hills, and a vacant lot in La Quinta, California. His home, however, it is in the Hidden Hills, which was bought by the year 2016, for a cost of$ 12 million (Us$ 68 million today), and has recently retired.

In spite of the remote location – the land is located about one hour north-west of downtown Los Angeles, depending on traffic – Hidden Hills, comprising a number of celebrities like Kaley Cuoco, Drake, The Weeknd, Jessica Simpson, Paul, George, and part of the clan Kardashian.

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