Mardy Fish joking with Maria Sharapova: listen, I’m married! Relax


The tennis stars removed Maria Sharapova, of Russia, and Mardy Fish, of the united States, have shared an exchange very funny on Twitter during the weekend. It all started when the former Russian player posted a tweet where I was sending a phone number to fans, with the message: “Not only got a number 310 (hello cool cats 🌴) but I am sharing it with you: Write me!

310-564-7981. Of truth. Tell me how you’re doing, ask me questions or simply say hello 👋🏼 Any good recipe is welcome ” The former american player soon responded with a emoji thinking to which Sharapova responded with the message:” Send me a text message”

Finally, Mardy Fish laughed for the last time with the funny response: “Sheesh Maria. I am married. ¡Do not be afraid!” Sharapova and Fish formed part of the recent all-Star Game of World Team Tennis, at the beginning of march.

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