Novak Djokovic confesses to Maria Sharapova played a match under the effects of alcohol


The confinement is causing multiple confessions of elite athletes through videos live on Instagram. In this new mode of ‘interviews’ between stars of the sport, there is a sincerity that perhaps would not come about on a television set or in front of a microphone.

One of the most striking is the responsibility of the tennis world. Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic did a live stream together and the extenista Russian asked the number 1 in the world if you ever he had played under the influence of alcohol.

“It was in 2011. Winning Wimbledonto fulfill all my dreams. I traveled (for Davis Cup) and I was with the team, but asked not to play any official match this weekend in which Serbia played against Sweden. In the end I took out to play the doubles on Saturday. In that game, let’s say that I did not see the ball clearly. Let’s leave it there“acknowledged Djokovic.

In parallel, both remembered the time in which it agreed for the first time: “We met at an exhibition event, we were both very young. I don’t know if in that time you’ve already won a tournament, was at an event in La Quinta, Indian Wells. We played a double joint and you said that if ganabas we would have that dinner together. You’ve won and then I realized that really what you said seriously, so I ended up going to a japanese restaurant that night”.

Far from that was a kind of appointment, Djokovic made it clear that it seemed more like a meetup with a “fan”: “You were with an old webcam and you asked the waiter that we take a photo. And here we are now. I believe that one day you comportaste as a fan“.

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On the other hand, Sharapova explained the reason for his withdrawal this past month of February: “These last two years my strength of will was a brake in my physical statein my body. I suffered a lot physically, I thought they were potholes that I could overcome, was looking for any way to do this, but was still suffering on the track. My father asked me if I wanted to go with him to play a little tennis, and he responded that no, that’s what I was thinking. There were things that were part of me, but no longer felt the same for example, when I was going to the basement, and I started with the stationary bike, I thought that what I was doing”.