Rosalia and the best of the transmission virtual


This Monday took place the Met Gala 2020 in a virtual way, since the event had to be cancelled by the quarantine that is living by the coronavirus. Vogue hosted this virtual event called “A Moment With the Met”, which was broadcast through the official YouTube channel.

These were some of the best moments of the special edition of the Met Gala 2020.

Rosalia create playlist theme

This year, Rosalie was going to make his debut at the Met Gala, however already failed. Although this does not stop it from being one of the celebrities who gave that talk, because it created a playlist themed with their favorite songs.

This playlist is in celebration for the Met, with a nod to my songs, sounds, artists, and references favorite of all time. It has not been possible to hold the Met as God intended, but we can celebrate it in our own way from home. What I have done by creating this playlist with themes japanese, flemish, baroque, folk”.

  • This playlist is on Spotify and Apple Music.

Katy Perry and the look of pregnant that would have led

Katy Perry he shared in his account of Instagram the outfit pregnant that would have led to the Met Gala by 2020.

In the picture you can see a corset with cups made in the shape of a cone popularized by Madonna a few years ago and that he bore the mark of his great friend Jean Paul Gaultier.

The interpretation of Florence Welch

One of the occurrences most anticipated of the transmission virtual the Met Gala 2020 was the of Florence Welchwho performed the theme “You Have Got The Love”. Dressed in a gown champagne silky against her floral wallpaper vintage, the singer thrilled all the spectators.

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Performed at the Met Gala almost a decade ago and very kindly told me that was one of the moments most extraordinary of his life. I am so thrilled and so grateful that she has agreed to sing for us tonight.” Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue

Famous presumed their best looks past

During the day yesterday artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Lily Collins, Julia Roberts and Naomi Watts they shared looks of the Met Galas past.

It is the first Monday of may and it was when we headed to the carpet for the #MetGala. I wanted to celebrate today with a look at some of my favorite moments.

Last year, we test the branches before arriving at the red carpet of the event”.

Here I am, I’m not going to the Met Gala is the night”

I found myself dancing with these queens glamorous!”.

The official accounts also shared the best looks

Both the account of the Met Gala as of Vogue they shared some of the most memorable moments of the past events.

At the end of the transmission, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, he thanked all for their kind participation.

I have been delighted to see so many people celebrate it in their own way. I have asked my friends to join in, even if just for a moment, to what is happening in the networks. I hope that this action will bring us a little joy!”. Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue

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