The actress Awkwafina announces the stops of a metro line from New York | People | Edition America


The american actress Nora Lum, better known as Awkwafina, put her voice to the announcements of the stations of the line 7 of the New York subway, bringing a dash of humor to the traditional recordings that are limited to reporting the arrival of the next stop.

“The next station is in Manhattan, so we’re going to go under water, hold your breath,” says Awkwafina, recently awarded with a Golden Globe for her performance in the movie “the Farewell”, before getting to Grand Central from Queens.

In the early hours of the morning, the messages ripped the smiles of passersby surprised by a few common words in the line of the subway, where what you hear are prohibitions, warnings about possible thefts, or one of the slogans of the city: “If you see something (suspicious), say something (to the Police)”.

This recording is part of a pilot program launched by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) along with the television channel Comedy Central, says a press release.

Awkwafina, of chinese descent and a south Korean and raised in the borough of Queens, has acted in several Hollywood movies, such as “Ocean’s 8”, and “Crazy Rich Asian”.

Users of the line 7 will hear the voice of his neighbor on the 22 stops of the line that connects Queens with Manhattan until the 22nd of January.

The initiative coincides with the launch of a series on Comedy Central based on her life titled “Awkwafina is Nora From Queens,” in which the actress is the protagonist.

“What better way to celebrate the launch of ‘Awkwafina is Nora From Queens’ on Comedy Central, having the voice of the own Nora on the train that runs through the heart of Queens,” the statement said.

The head of the Office of the Consumer of the MTA, Sarah Meyer said that with this project, the company is “exploring new and different ways to generate profits very necessary, to the couple that surprises and delights the customer.”

“Our focus will always be that the trains are safe and punctual, and if a familiar voice can draw attention to the messages in the wagons, for we are all in favour,” concluded Meyer.

“This is Times Square with the 42, where new yorkers go to relax”; “This is 42nd street to Bryant Park, The Public Library is here!” or “I’m Awkwafina, welcome to my district, the best district: Queens”, are some of the messages that will be heard in the cars of the purple line from New York for the next seven days.