The hard battle of Cobie Smulders against cancer


The actress Cobie Smulders went through a difficult battle against the cancerwhile filming the series “How I Met Your Mother”.

In 2007, when he was only 25 years and tasted the sweetness of success with the third season of the series, was diagnosed with cancer. I had tumors in both ovaries, and had spread to the lymph nodes and the surrounding tissues.

Unlike her character, “Robin Scherbatsky”, Cobie he wanted to become a mother, but has always had a maternal instinct and not being able to get pregnant by illness, was one of their greatest fears.

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The canadian actress decided to maintain its disease in private and fight out of the spotlight.

The location of the cancer not allowed to use chemotherapy or radiation. The only option was surgery, even though I would have to give up his dream of being a mother.

Opted for each alternative to give him a hope of surviving the disease. Removed the carbs and cheese from his diet, took yoga classes, hot stone therapy and even acupuncture.

Jacoba Francisca Maria Smulders took two years and several surgeries to be able to delete all cancer in your body. Although still not feeling completely free of the disease.

After the operations, only saved a third of a ovary, so that it was almost impossible that it could conceive naturally. However, in 2009, became pregnant of her first daughter with the comedian Taran Killam.

Cobie filmed pregnant the fourth season of “How I Met Your Mother”like its companion of cast Alyson Hanniganwithout any severe complication.

In 2012 they had their second child and it was not until 2015 that the actress of “Avengers” publicly revealed that he had suffered from cancer, in an interview with the magazine Women’s Health.

Cobie Smulders is brand new series, “Stumptown”, and their learning in the fight against cancer has helped to improve their characters and to be a better person

The new series will be launched on the 25th of September on ABC, with Smulders personifying a veteran of the u.s. Army who becomes a private investigative in Portland.

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