The nostalgic postings retro Sofia Vergara, Ellen DeGeneres and Eva Mendes


Ellen DeGeneres, Eva Mendes, and Sofia Vergara shared some postings retro with a touch of nostalgia Credit: Instagram

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many of the celebrities trying to entertain their followers through the social networks.

Ellen DeGeneres

remains active in the virtual world and in addition to their typical conversations with famous of Hollywood -now in format phone – share posts on your day-to-day: the well-known presenter did a

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where he recalled his graduation day.

Eva Mendes


Sofia Vergara

they also published some

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Ellen DeGeneres: memories and hope

Ellen De Generate

he shared a sense message to all the young people who lost their awaited prom because of the pandemic and published a retro photo of the night that she went to her party.

“If it is supposed to be your graduation party was going to be this weekend, I want to see your beautiful party outfit. This was mine, so, as you can see, the rod is low in terms of claims,” wrote with humor as the emcee. And he added hopefully: “Múestrenme yours. I promise you that you will be using in the prom soon.”

Eva Mendes: love of mother to the distance

Eva Mendes

he thanked his mother for a tender gesture through a posted retro with a photo of your childhood. The actress told how much he misses his mom and wrote: “My beautiful mother sent me her famous rice pudding through a delivery taking all the right steps and we couldn’t be more happy. This is one of their many dishes that instantly makes me happy and fills me with energy.”

Then he added: “The sugar helps and, as you know, us cubans we love it, but it is more than that. It is the love she puts in everything he does. Thank you mommy for this and for everything else. I love you!”.

Sofia Vergara: friends of yesterday, today and forever

Sofia Vergara

he also had his vintage moment in the social networks: he made a direct voyage to the years ’80 and ’90 and he expressed that he misses a lot of meetings with her friends. The actress showed how was your adolescence in Barranquilla, her hometown in Colombia, surrounded by her friends from high school. In the fun-filled postcards to be seen doing poses funny in your evenings next to their companions.