The party was under the influence of alcohol and the dinner they shared the day they met: the stories of Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic


 Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic spoke via Instagram
Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic spoke via Instagram

Due to the quarantine for pandemic coronavirus, many athletes have decided to have constant activity in their networks sosiclae spara does not lose contact with their followers and it is within this framework that the live broadcasts have become an everyday affair among several figures of the elite. In this case, the protagonists were Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic.

The dialogue between both was extensive, more than an hour, and not just focused on the moment in the eu the players go through during the isolation, but also to remember old times that were the stars. One of the most curious was the dinner they shared the night they met.

“We met at an exhibition event, we were both very young. I don’t know if in that time you’ve already won a tournament, was at an event in La Quinta, Indian Wells. We played a doubles and mixed you said that if ganabas we would have dinner together. You’ve won and then I realized that really what you said seriously, so I ended up going to a japanese restaurant that night“revealed the former world number 1 ranking on the WTA tour. Although, this meeting sounds like a appointment, in reality it was not, or at least they hide the tell it on Tuesday: “you Were with a camera old and you asked the waiter that we take a photo. And here we are now. I believe that one day you comportaste as a fan.”

The moment more awkward for the Serbian was when she asked him to admitting if he had ever played a match under the effects of alcohol: “it Was in 2011. Had won Wimbledon, to fulfill all my dreams. I traveled (for Davis Cup) and I was with the team, but I asked not to play any official match this weekend in which Serbia played against Sweden. In the end I took out to play the doubles on Saturday. In that game, let’s say that I did not see the ball clearly. Let’s leave it there”. As expected, this match was defeat for your selected, although it ended up imposing in the series.

Image file of the celebration of the Serbian Novak Djokovic after winning the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas the final of the ATP 500 of Dubai, UAE (Reuters)
Image file of the celebration of the Serbian Novak Djokovic after winning the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas the final of the ATP 500 of Dubai, UAE (Reuters)

With respect to his career, Djokovic acknowledged that the time he gave his time to maturity to cope with certain parties, and to control their emotions: “tennis in the early part of my career was based on winning, work hard, meet targets, brute force. Now, in the last 4 or 5 years and with the new way of looking at life that being a father has given me, I have realized that tennis represents a field of battle, a sort of school of life for me. On the tennis court I am angry as I’ve ever done in my life. For all the young people that are watching this, please do not watch my videos, breaking rackets”. He clarified his fury attacks seem to be controlled and rarely hits the racket or screams: “When I accepted the pressure that supposed to be on the track alone and show your emotions, when I was able to accept all my negative attitudes of the past on the track, gave a great step for my mental health and to be able to recover mentally from it all”.

With respect to this point, the number 1 in the ATP rankings, said that the quarantine allowed him to deepen his studies with regard to the spiritual harmony that you need to have as an elite athlete: “I’ve been reading a lot about people in the industry who I consider mentors. I think there is a lot to do with everything that happens in tennis, when I read something about the topic helps me to be in tune with my body. I have spent a lot of time reading about the metabolic functions of our body, on our mental health and our spiritual health. In that sense, I’ve always tried to be aware and to apply a holistic approach to my life and my tennis. Everything we do before we go to the track, and how you feel with yourself, I think it has a lot of weight in what happens on the track. That’s why I’ve tried to gain knowledge to get to know me better, to keep learning, because the tennis is still given for 11 months of the year, wears out a lot.”

It was there when Sharapova decided to joke with him: “We’re not going to start hugging trees, don’t you?” comment that provoked laughter on both.

Archive photo of the Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova celebrating after winning the US Open in 2006 (Reuters)
Archive photo of the Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova celebrating after winning the US Open in 2006 (Reuters)

The former Russian tennis player, who knew how to be the best in the circuit and he retired in February of this year, spoke about the reasons that led you to make this decision at 33 years of age: “These last two years my strength of will was a brake in my physical, in my body. I suffered a lot physically, I thought they were potholes that I could overcome, was looking for any way to do this, but was still suffering on the track. My father asked me if I wanted to go with him to play a little tennis, and answered him not, what what he was thinking . There were things that were part of me, but no longer felt the same way when, for example, went to the basement, and I started with the stationary bike, I thought that what I was doing”

In addition, Sharapova admitted that it was a great tennis player, thanks to the fact that this is an individual sport. He recalled that upon arriving to the united States he struggled to socialize with other people and this affected in many ways, although not on the pitchwhere even became stronger. Obviously, he also recalled the hard work you did for years to reach this level which led it to win five Grand Slam tournaments.

Finally both were fired from the talk and they sent a greeting to their fans, who continued to live in the transmission (at times there were more than 7 thousand users listening) and sent messages of support to both at all times.


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