The star of “Friends”, Lisa Kudrow, looks unrecognizable in his latest posting on Instagram


Lisa Kudrow is known for playing the blond and hilarious Phoebe in the popular sitcom “Friends” and although it has been more than a decade since the end of the series, those involved in the show continue to give that talk. With the 25th anniversary of the series even cool and the rumors of a new encounter on the screen, the title has become to charge a vital importance in recent months.

In this way, it is not unlikely that each posting of the actors to resonate and viralicen in the networks. Without exception, Kudrow did their own thing in New Year’s eveand shared a selfie of hers who surprised many of his followers. This time much more distant from their iconic blond hair wearing a wig pink and vibrant sunglasses, accompanied by a “Happy New Year” in the bottom of the photo.

A follower wrote to him below: “Is this real?” while another expressed: “Lisa, you can achieve anything”. However others were quite more hard with the actress: “ “Am I or the whole world when he sees Lisa believes that one day all we will become old and pale?”. Without echo the comments ill-intentioned, the actress has held these past out of whole cloth.

Even before Christmas, Lisa was spending time with his ex-companion cast Courteney Cox. As expected, the meeting was also seated in his account of Instagram, calling the attention of the fans “Friends”. Time ago, in your step by Saturday Night Live!, Kudrow recalled details of his audition for the show, and recounted how he came to get the role of Phoebe.

In testing I was the only one that could cope with the audition process and this is how I got it, I think. So I had to work hard to be Phoebe, you already know”. Months ago began to circulate a rumor that had a potential meeting of the dearest friends of the small screen. Later the medium THR shed light on the issue by stating that they are conducting appropriate negotiations but that there is still nothing closed. For more information we recommend this other note above.

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