The tweets that ruined the career of Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes he had a successful career as a celebrity youth on Nickelodeon, however it all ended after starring in a series of scandals that ended his public life and became one of those child stars who missed his fame.

And something that gave a lot to talk about were his scandalous and typical tweets with the shooting all sorts of controversial comments. They were summer of 2010, when the fame on Twitter from Bynes grew up.

His downward spiral began when he decided to announce his withdrawal from the action through a tweet. In an interview he gave to Paper he confessed that he was very drugged and not took the best decision.

Other social networks also had a conflict, on Instagram said that Chris Brown had hit Rihanna for being ugly, thing that does not left him much fans. Continued insults Chrissy Teigan and Courtney Love.

But certainly one of his tweets most talked-about was when she asked Drake to murder her vagina, this was in the year 2013. Through Twitter sharing strange videos and revealing photographs.

Fortunately the former actress sought professional help, and in the year 2018 admitted feel ashamed of all that tweeted. Now many do not rule out that he could return to action.

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