The year that Adriana Lima gets her spectacular figure


There are many ways to stay in shape, but some are more entertaining others. So, while all the world hates the burpees, but know that you will want to include them in your exercise routine, there are others that awaken more sympathy.

More if you are responsible for a figure as spectacular as that of the model Adriana Lima, who does not hesitate to include in their training sessions, which has become the exercise of fashion, jump rope.

Of small what we used to do as way of funperhaps that is why we are not aware of the many benefits you can bring your practice to life as an adult. Yes, now we will not have to do so in the courtyard of the school.

Jumping rope is an exercise cardiovascular that improves our endurance, as well as our coordination. Increases our agility and also our speed. Of course, this is not immediate, but after several sessions of training.

Helps to burn a large number of calories, because after 10 minutes of exercise with the rope could burn approximately 100 calories. Of course, this amount will vary depending on the intensity of the exercise.

Jump to the rope. (Element5 Digital Unsplash)
Jump to the rope. (Element5 Digital Unsplash)

Another of its many benefits is that mobilizes the whole body. Although the work’s more obvious what they do arms, chest, and shoulders, to propel the rope, as well as the complete legs on each jump, there are also specific exercises to tone the abdominal area.

Yes, before starting to make exercises a part of our musculature, in particular, the best thing is that we have completely dominated the jump basic. To do this we must have a few things to our fingertips.

The first is a adequate rope, since there are many models. Must be light, but that notes their weight during turns, the plastic fulfil this role properly. Also have a firm grip, to prevent slipping. In addition, it is important to fit our height.

Jumps. (Dylan Nolte to Unsplash)
Jumps. (Dylan Nolte to Unsplash)

If it is too long, it can become tangled, and if it is very short we’ll run into constantly and we can do us harm. Therefore, the ideal is that, pisándola on the floor and stretching it with your arms, reach to the height of our chest but without going over.

Despite what it may seem, it is not so easy to jump rope and do it well. For example, one of the most common errors is the motion of the string. Must come from the wrists, not the arms, so you have to leave the elbows close to the body.

As important as the motion of the string is the impact of the jump. You must landing always on the tip of the feet to avoid harm, as well as try to keep it more stretched as possible. And don’t forget to warm up before and after exercise, especially the ankles.