With an emotional posting, Eva Mendes recalled his brother four years of his death


With an emotional posting, Eva Mendes recalled his brother four years of his death Credit: Instagram

Four years ago,

Eva Mendes

he suffered a terrible blow in his life: his

brother John

, 53 years old, he died victim of a cancer. To commemorate the day that would have been his birthday, the actress dedicated an emotional publication of the first-born of the family, who remembered with much love.

“A small I on the shoulders of my brother,” he wrote to post two pictures, one of it being small on the shoulders of the then-teenager, and another in which he sees the whole family together. “Today I celebrate my brother, John. He should have 57 years, but what we lost makes four”.

“When I think of our relationship, a little turbulent at times, I realize what he was doing: I was preparing myself for the world. Made Me tough as nails, and for that I thank you every day. I love you big brother, and I know that if you were here in this moment, you would be out helping the people that need it. I don’t know why, but somehow I think you’re doing”, he shared with the world. “I love you ‘duck'”.

In recent years, although it remained reserved on the subject, Eva was encouraged to talk about this fact during an interview with the magazine


. “Losing my brother approached us as a family, and we were already very close to start”, said a while ago. “So I feel very fortunate to have my family and to see you all there supporting each other, being present.”

“We had a funeral for him and that same week I had my baby. So that was really very, very intense and obviously heartbreaking, but at the same time it was as beautiful,” he added, recalling also the birth of their second daughter, Amanda, who came into the world 12 days after the death of John.


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