17 data you need to know, Shailene Woodley to get to know you more – Big Little Lies – Spoiler Time


Currently, we see it every Sunday in one of the great productions of HBOwhere she shares screen with great actresses such as Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern. In Big Little Lies, plays Jane Chapman, one of the women most complex of this series.

We know it as Shailene Woodleyalthough his full name is Shailene Diann Woodley. He was born a 15 November 1991 in the County of San Bernardino, Californiabut grew up in Simi Valley. We have a lot of information we have on her because she has begun to take its first steps in acting since small. That is why, we bring this first part with 17 curiosities of this talented actress.

1 His father, Lonny Woodley, was director of a school. His mother’s name is Lori, and she also works in a school, but as a school counselor. In addition, he has a brother named Tanner.

Source: HBO.

2 Their studies were conducted in Simi Valley High School in California and began at the age of four, modeling for commercials.

Source: HBO.

3 Many years ago, Shailene went to the casting to be able to be a part of the movie My name is Sam, but eventually the role alongside Sean Penn led Dakota Fanning.

Source: © 2001 – New Line Cinema Productions.

4 Is the protagonist of the Fault in Our Stars (2014) and when he had to cut the hair for your paper, donated to the foundation Children with Hair Loss.

Source: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

5 Has admitted that he would like to continue studying. Their chosen careers are interior design and psychology.

Source: Kevin Winter – © 2014 Getty Images.

6 It was one of the candidates for playing Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, though eventually the role was for Jennifer Lawrence.

Source: Lionsgate.

7 When you are sad, loves watching Disney movies. One of his favorite films of all time is Pocahontas, the actress knows all the lines of their favorite characters!

Source: Larry Busacca – © 2014 Getty Images.

8 Started acting in 1999 in the tv movie Replacing Dad. For 2001, began taking stakes in various series such as The District and Crossing Jordan.

Source: Hallmark Channel.

9 One of their papers is most remembered is that of Kaitlin Cooper, who played in several episodes of The O. C.

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Source: FOX.

10 In 2011 she starred alongside George Clooney in the film the Descendants, although their role more massive was the Tris, the series Divergent.

Source: Fox Searchlight.

11 In 2014, a great year for the actress, also in the movie Divergent, we saw the star in The Fault in Our Stars, another of the roles that helped to consolidate their fame.

Source: Summit Entertainment – Lionsgate/ Temple Hill Entertainment, TSG Entertainment.

12 She got the role of Mary Jane for the film the amazing Spider-Man 2: The power of Electro, even if his character was deleted from the final assembly of the film.

Source: HBO.

13 Long before starring in the films that brought her to fame, undertook in 2008 the series the Secret Life of the American Teenager, which had a total of 5 seasons.

Source: ABC.

14 In 2016, she starred in Allegiant, a continuation of the saga Divergent, as well as the third party. When it was rumored about bringing the series to television, he said that, if so, would not continue the role, because it was not in his contract.

Source: Summit Entertainment – Lionsgate.

15 From a very young girl discovered that you suffer from scoliosis. Their 15 year old had to wear a type of corset and a special support bra for two years, until the end of your treatment.

Source: HBO.

16 He confessed that one of the things that suffered most in her life was the separation from their parents. Has ensured that hated treatment because it coincided with the divorce.

Source: HBO.

17 In 2017, the actress went to trial in North Dakota for charges stemming from his protest against the oil pipeline, Dakota Access. He was arrested along with several activists and even conveyed his arrest for Facebook.

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