Amanda Bynes and her fiance are left to see very affectionate in Los Angeles


Amanda Bynes and her fiance Paul were seen to be very romantic and less than two weeks to announce his commitment.

Amanda Bynes and her fiance, Paul Michael, were seen to be very affectionate in The streets of los Angeles on Tuesday.

The actress of 33 years and his fiancée were seen kissing on the road to a store of Verizon. Amanda was wearing a yellow shirt and green, while Paul a red shirt buttoned.

The departure took place less than two weeks that the star of What a Girl Wants announced their engagement in social networks. In addition to sharing that he is “committed to [el] love of my life”, Amanda posted a picture of their rings. The celebrity of She’s the Man lucia what seemed to be a diamond ring, while her fiance wore a ring of gold.

Amanda and Paul have also shown their affection to each other in social networks.

“I’m very lucky,” said Amanda in a video shared last week. “As you can see, it is incredibly beautiful and also is the best person on the face of the Earth.”

More details in the video above.

In regards to the big day of the couple, a source told E! News that “it is unlikely that the occurrence of a legal wedding”.

“The parents of Amanda are fully aware of their commitment. In this moment they are not passing to Amanda to marry legally under their guardianship,” the source said.

According to various sources, Amanda and Paul have been together for months. A source told People they met at the end of 2019.