Amanda Bynes will not be able to marry without the permission of his mother



At the end of last week, Amanda Bynes surprised all and sundry by announcing his commitment via the social networks. Up to that moment had not known any relationship is new, but jumps to the view that the former star juvenile is very excited about his future link with the man who stole the heart and who have been encouraged to share multiple photos in your profile of Instagram in the last few days to present officially to all of their followers.

However, it seems that their plans pass by the altar will have to wait until you get the approval of her mother, Lynn, because of the legal guardianship, under which remains the actress from 2013 and, according to which, his tutor-in this case, Lynn – is responsible for overseeing the finances and everything associated with the state of health of his famous daughter.

The plans Amanda of marriage will also fall within those decisions that can not take without permission and, in fact, his mother, could get their union annulled if it were not for their approval, according to the information that has been obtained by the magazine Us Weekly.

According to the website Entertainment Tonight, Amanda still would not have made the official presentations between your parents and your fiance, who supposedly met a couple of months ago during one of the meetings of alcoholics anonymous to those that currently go to frequently.

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