Awkwafina has already secured a 2nd season of his series

Not have received a nomination to the Oscar, but Awkwafina has already secured a second season for his new series on Comedy Central.

“Awkwafina is Nora from Queens” premieres on January 22. The chain said Tuesday that it was adding a second season of the program, based on the true life of Awkwafina while growing up in the county of new york Queens.

The actress was among the famous desairados Monday when they announced the nominations for the Academy Awards, along with Jennifer Lopez, Eddie Murphy, Robert De Niro and Beyonce. Days before, he was the first artist of asian origin to win the Golden Globe for best actress, for her work in the movie “the Farewell” (“The farewell”).

“My emotional reaction to all this is that I am grateful of this journey,” he said after learning that he was not nominated for an Oscar. “I had a tour very exciting with this series, and movies, we have seen this year that there was representation. I could not be more grateful to do what I do and to be recognized at least a little bit is incredible.”

The artist, whose real name is Nora Lum, he created the series which starred with B. D. Wong, Bowen Yang, and Lori Tan Chinn. Also serves as screenwriter and executive producer. The actress was raised by her father and her grandparents, chinese-americans, along with his cousin after his mother, a Korean-american, died when she was a little girl.

“I loved to spend time with my grandmother in my 20s. Very good food,” he said at a meeting with critics of the TV on Tuesday.

As a teenager, it occurred to him to use the name Awkwafina as a nod to the clumsiness (“awkwardness” in English) that I felt and as an alter ego to his personality seemingly passive.

“I insisted on using realities very real in my life while growing up. I don’t think that the character of Nora is an exaggeration in any way,” he said of his series. “I did not need to take it to be anything that wasn’t really it. I hope it will inspire young children to not be afraid of themselves”.