Bryce Dallas Howard believes that he has a Baby Yoda in his house


The Baby Yoda is here to stay. The character of “The Mandalorian” became one of the most recognized of the series of Disney + and its image circulates at all times by the social networks where they have generated countless memes about him. Now, Bryce Dallas Howard, who directed episodes for the critically acclaimed show, we found a strong resemblance to the cuddly Yoda with his cat.

The acclaimed protagonist of one of the episodes to be remembered for “Black Mirror” and the saga “Jurassic World” he shared with his million and a half followers a picture game: on the one hand the Baby Yoda and the other cat, who by his ears, he saw a great resemblance to the star of the new series of Star Wars recently launched on Disney +.

“What am I, or my cat Lucy looks like the baby Yoda?”, wrote the actress. Then, he apologized to those who have not watched the series, because for her it was “the spoiler more difficult to save.” “The Mandalorian“, the series starring chilean actor Pedro Pascal passes through the third chapter of his first season and has managed to fall in love with fans of the saga.

The production focuses on the cowboy/bounty hunter mandaloriano Dyn Jarden (Pascal), but the Baby Yoda stole glances and memes on the social networks. The great revelation that will emerge in the next few episodes will be that the small is not the only one of its kind. The fans rescued an interview conducted a month before the premiere, and the producers ensured that there were five or six dolls of similar character.

Everything seems to indicate that there is a family of their species, are no more living members of the same, or are there clones of the iconic role. “The Mandalorian” made its debut the same day in the company of the world’s largest entertainment introduced its streaming platform called Disney +, which still does not have date of arrival to these lands.