Eva Mendes reveals the reason she left the film


Eva Mendes has stopped her career as an actress, but that does not mean that there is still a whole star. The interpreter, afro-cuban, it takes almost five years virtually withdrawn from public life, without stepping on the red carpet, and without any project in a poster. However, he has broken his silence to speak to the magazine Hello! of her career, her motherhood, and their projects. And even Ryan Gosling, his partner since 2011 and who usually have little to mention (nor he her).

The interpreter Hitch or Ghost Rider has left to see and hear in a rare interview in the may issue of the american edition of Women’s Health. “Being a mother was what was in my thoughts”, it explains there the actress, 45 years of age. Now has two daughters. In September 2014 was born the first, Esmeralda Amada, and in April of 2016, the second, Beloved Lee

“As a mother now, there are many roles that I will not do. There are many issues on which I do not want to get involved, so that limits my choices and I’m fine with that ”-let you know – adding, “I have to give an example to my girls now. But don’t worry, I have some minor issues. I say ah! Thank you for asking. All the best for the year 2020. ”The last role of Eva was in Lost River in 2014 . Since I took a break from the big screen, the loving mother and her love from a long time ago Ryan Gosling have welcomed their daughters, Esmeralda, five years, and Beloved, of three”

Work for it are their small, in addition to collaborations in the world of fashion (with the clothing brand New York & Company) and cosmetics (with the signature Circa). “It is still a little dangerous to leave the two alone in a room,” he says, half in jest and half seriously, about the girls, of four and a half years the largest and three small. In any case, the film and everything that entails is not an option now for their upbringing.

For Mendes, that their daughters grow up in the hurricane of the public eye “it is clearly a concern”. “It’s not just that we are in this industry, but everything that involves fame brings a lot of fear when you try to raise your kids.”he says , sighing and explaining during the interview the distances he must travel to find where to play and spend time with the small away from the goals of photographers.

Things are going well for the mother and although it is not doing cinema is located on movements within the fashion world with their collections at New York & Company. Get away from the screen has allowed the beauty of cuban find a new balance.

“It is a great challenge, and it is a challenge that I am grateful because that means that I have a job, but I have not discovered”, he told HELLO. UNITED STATES. “I have to thank my family and the family of Ryan for being a support system huge, huge, huge, huge, huge. Have to the aunts, her mother, my mother, sister and my sisters around, that is invaluable”