how Brooke Shields saved his career defending their eyebrows


Straight, coarse, thick, long and natural. The eyebrows of Brooke Shields that marked the look of a decade are still valid today. A trait representative is to Shields what the mole on Cindy Crawford’s, and which consecrated her as an icon. Have past 38 years since Francesco Scavullo photography in the backstage of a parade of Valentino, a picture that starred in the cover of the February 81 of the magazine Time under the title “the face of the 80s” and in the model, then a teenager, was “ridiculous,” with the face “very white” and eyebrows “very dark”. That marked eyebrows without shame, very populated, fleeing the bow and the curves that prevailed in previous decades (and away from the clip to depilate), coincide in full with the current trend. It is a fact that Brooke Shields, as noted by Calin Van Paris in Vogue USA, “still having the best eyebrows in the industry.”

brooke shields eyebrows

The eyebrows are straight, thick and bushy Brooke Shields does not go out of fashion. Photo: Getty Images

The key to keep them, as explained by the protagonist of The blue lake throughout his career, he has been not to touch them. A mandate imposed by her mother and agent Teri Shields since Brooke is done with the bulbs when I was still a teenager -her first time on set was the eleven-months. “Fortunately, my mother was always very protective with my appearance. She practically threatened to break the fingers of any makeup artist who approaches me with tweezers. It is not provided that the eyebrows were going to be iconic. What he defended was: “She is as well. If you want it, you want it as well. We’re not going to change anything”, he explained to Instyle. A standard by which his mother came to take out the teeth on more than one occasion. As the summer in which Eileen Ford, agency Ford Models, he wanted to teñírselas to follow chords to the tone of her hair, which had been cleared by the sun: “The hair is blonde, your eyebrows should be equal”. What Teri Shields flatly refused: “sorry, but you’re not going to touch their eyebrows”.

brooke shields eyebrows

Brooke Shields on the cover of ‘Time’ that set up their look vs Brooke Shields in the 90s succumbing to the trend of the eyebrow ultrathin. Photo: Time/Getty Images

The icon label today Brooke Shields hugs matter-of-factly, knowing of the potential and of the popular devotion to that cause your eyebrows -have your own hashtag on Instagram: #brookeshieldseyebrow– the troubled for many years. As the actress told S Fashion in an interview in 2014, for years, rejected his own image: “I have come to feel very uncomfortable with that definition. I never understood why they paid so much attention to my image. As a young man, he fled from the spotlight and I do not arranged: wore jeans, I do not painted. I couldn’t get out of my face, it was claustrophobic. I remember that in the dance classes I dropped ass because I refused to look at myself in the mirror. That made me realize my problem. I have taken a long time to get over it and enjoy the beauty. It became a trauma for me.”

With time, it has been she who has taken the role of guardian of your eyebrows. The lesson learned after a first (and last) neglect catastrophic. “The only time I depilaron the eyebrows was a disaster. Seemed like a different person, a woman, with an expression of permanent surprise etched in her face; it was fear!”, had to S Fashion. It was during the filming of the show television that Shields protagonizaba, Suddenly, Susan. “I let someone ‘I will review’. It was a disaster. The arched and shortened. Was an expert famous eyebrows, and I was devastated. Thank God that all went back to grow”, he added InStyle.

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brooke shields eyebrows

Brooke and her mother, Teri Shields, who according to the actress, has ensured that your brows will stay away from the tweezers makeup artists. 1989. Photo: Getty Images

Brooke recognizes herself to be one who, from time to time, it removes some hair sporadic and in terms of their preference at the time of maquillarlas, opt for the most basic thing: “for Me, it only takes two products. A pencil brown, as the one I devised for this collaboration, that I used to fill in the gaps and shape the arc. And a gel, with that fixed, the result for it to last all day”, explained the launch of an extensive range of makeup in collaboration with signature cosmetics MAC in which there was no shortage of these two products specific to the feature that (the) changed forever.

With the time, the woman that refused to be seen in the mirrors, is worldwide known and worshipped for several generations. Millie Bobby Brown, who had not been born when Shields starred in the legendary series of ads Calvin Klein Jeans, “channeled” to her Brooke Shields interior imitating her with a parody on Instagram in which recreated one of the legendary and controversial spots that ran under the direction of the photographer Richard Avedon. When in full session this, also enthusiast of his eyebrows, he said: “Come on, give me the eyebrow”, Brooke knew that he was asking for that gesture as his lift as with surprise, an eyebrow above the other.

While the nostalgic end of the last century are clear that the bushy brow that is now the trend set in the imaginary pop, Brook Shields, when the model of 54-year-old wants to do a understand their daughters Rowan Francis and Grier Hammond (16 and 13 years), the extent of their influence, you have to pull the referents of from the 2000. And in a matter of eyebrows, it has its own name: “I Give thanks to God for Cara Delevingne and your eyebrows, because I can point to it and tell you [a mis hijas]‘They look upon the church! I look upon the church to her! She is cool and has marked eyebrows”.

brooke shields eyebrows

Brooke Shields in the 80’s. Photo: Getty Images

brooke shields

Brooke Shields and Andy Warhol at a party. Photo: Getty

brooke shields

Brooke Shields or how to keep the eyebrows most iconic four decades later. Photo: Getty Images

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