I Selfie! Tammy Hembrow it teaches that out of there! Demi Rose KO

The influencer Tammy Hembrow it is an example of personal improvement. His impressive body has been through two pregnancies and remains one of the divas most sensual of Instagram. Despite the fact that you compare her a lot with other models, your biggest opponent is without a doubt Demi Rose. Although it seems that this time Tammy has taken advantage.

If you figure statuesque it is, Hembrow is the maximum exponent of the fitness. Has more than 11 million followers which is sure to captivate with each of your photos. In this opportunity revolutionized with a pose sensual.

In the photo, the model is in your bathroom, with the hair up and the makeup of the discrete tones. He was wearing a top and a short pink. The short starts at your waist and ends above and beyond what normal. It clearly shows the body with the best measures. In addition, his rear is almost completely to the view.

Despite the fact that Rose has a figure very much praised, the publications of the australian caused such a furor that was overshadowed in the networks.

Reasons of Tammy Hembrow to be fitness

In an interview for Women’s best, the star was able to confess what were the reasons you chose to pursue that healthy lifestyle. She started by explaining the following: “I started my journey of fitness in my teens when was not very happy with the way my body was working, and was not living a very healthy lifestyle.

Many people begin to change their habits when they realize that the reflection of the mirror is not what you want. He continued by commenting: I realized that I could feel the best of me when I ate well and did exercise. So Tammy Hembrow he became convinced that he could have the body of your dreams. To finish, commented: I found true joy and happiness in this life-style. The most important thing is to be happy with what you do and enjoy the victories, in this case, leaving in second place to Demi Rose.