‘Jumanji: Next level’: Jack Black was presented to Awkwafina singing ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ Guns N’ Roses – movie News


The continuation of ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle’ (2017) has surpassed the $ 600 million fundraising world.

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We all know Jack Black and we know that it is a person extravagant. But how much? The actor, musician and comedian ignores the social conventions and the very first words that said to the actress Awkwafina when the met on the set of Jumanji: Next level were: “You will die”.

The actor says in an interview for Wired along with the actress who plays the role of Ming in the movie, who sang much of the song ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ Guns n’ Roses during the filming. “Do you know where you are? You’re in the jungle. affection. You’re going to die. So I waved”recalls the recent winner of the Golden Globe Awkwafina (The Farewell). Both have developed a great friendship after the recording of the long, it has already raised more than $ 600 million around the world.

We are not surprised at all the behavior of Black, because we know plenty of their musical skills, not only with his band Tenacious D, but also thanks to multiple performances in different films, like School of rock. But, that said, it should be surprising that the person that gives life to Shelly Oberon on the tape you receive with your best voice of Axl Rose and tell you that you’re going to die. But what is still more admirable is that the habit of Black singing that song to assist the director Jake Kasdan to put a name to Jumanji: Welcome to the junglethe tape that marked the return of Jumanji.

The third film about the game is breaking recordswhat makes you think that there will be a fourth at some point. In addition, Dwayne Johnson has been argued that Jurgen, the villain played by Rory McCann, is in reality an avatar of the video game. What person is behind it? We will have to wait for that and to know if we go back to see Awkwafina and Black back together. Meanwhile, on this text you have the interview we did in London to the stars Next level.

Source: Wired