Kendall Jenner is being processed, after posting a video of herself on Instagram


Kendall Jenner has been hit with a case of federal for$ 150,000 for copyright infringement after it posted a video of a paparazzi on Instagram.

A photographer called Angela, Ma, is taking Kendall Jenner on$ 150,000 for allegedly having committed a breach of international copyright if you post a video of herself on Instagram. Photographer from New York, was captured in the short clip, which shows the Kendall’s coming out of a building while I was visiting the city in the past year. The model began with the posting of the video on your Instagram on the 12th of September 2019.

In the process, But stated that she had already recorded the video at the Copyright Office of the USA, prior to Kendall’s post to him, without consultation or permission. As well, but it is taking Kendall and his company, Kendall Jenner, Inc., for copyright infringement, claiming that the model was shared, depending on what the content for free to their millions of followers, ‘ in disregard of and indifference to the rights of the Author”. Ma, is seeking more than$ 150,000, and asked the court to order that the Kendall to remove the video from her Instagram and explain all of the benefits that she was able to get it using your video illegally.

Kendall, this is certainly not the first celebrity to be sued for posting content in social media. In the past month, LeBron James has been sued by a photographer, Steven last of the mohicans, by sharing a photo on Facebook that Mitchell was taken away from him. Prior to that, Jennifer Lopez and her production company, Nuyorican Productions, have also been adversely affected by a violation of the copyright, and after that, she posted a photo of herself and fiance, Alex Rodriguez, in her story on Instagram.

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Thus, as in the case of Kendall, the plaintiff in LeBron james and J-Lo is seeking $ 150,000 in damages.