Kim Kardashian on the execution of a convict who tried to save: “Injustice” – 06/03/2020


The businesswoman, Kim Kardashian was one of the celebrities in the united states has condemned the execution of Nathaniel Woods, was held yesterday, Thursday (5), with a lethal injection after being sentenced to death for having shot three police officers in 2004.

In the past few days, Kim harshly criticized the Justice, state of Alabama, not to stop the execution. “This is a tragic example of the injustice of the system,” he said on his Twitter account. The socialite, noted that another man admitted that he had pulled the trigger of the gun that hit the officers.

It is Now Spencer, who was in the Woods at the time of the crime and is on death row, with no date set for the execution.

“He’s going to die for a crime that another man confessed to [ter cometido] and he says that He doesn’t have anything to do with it,” he wrote Kim, just a few hours before the execution.

“In my heart, and my prayers are with He, his family, and all of the lawyers who worked to save his life.” In the same post, in the message, he spoke about the denial of the state of Alabama’s request for review of the sentence.