Mandy Moore returns to perform one of the most iconic songs of his career



A couple of years ago, Mandy Moore began work on his return to the music scene that culminated with the release of the single ‘When I Wasn’t Watching’ the last autumn and their first album in a decade, ‘Silver Landings’, which went on sale earlier this month of march.

In the past, the actress from ‘This Is Us’ I used to feel ashamed of the discs that he published during his time as a star of youth, despite the fact that were the soundtrack of the adolescence of many of her fans, but now it has finally managed to overcome those fears.

This Sunday, Mandy has made a direct Instagram in which he has interpreted the song ‘Only Hope’ of the band Switchfoot that she gave a version in 2002 for the movie ‘A Walk to Remember’, known as ‘A walk to remember’ in Spain and ‘A love to remember’ in Latin america.

This topic forms part of one of the most iconic of the film, which tells the love story between the daughter of a reverend, who suffers from a serious illness, and the bad boy of the town where they both live.

The interpreter rarely has sung live, but on this occasion have been encouraged to do so accompanied by her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, guitar. In fact, Mandy has been attributed to the musician, whom he married in 2018, much of the credit for reviving the musical for having been able to instill the confidence in herself that she lost during her marriage to singer Ryan Adams.

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In the article published in the newspaper The New York Times last year, focused on the manner in which Adams would have used their position of power to coerce young artists and to obtain sexual favors, Mandy stated that her ex-husband used his past as a teen idol in his against to finish with their self-esteem and convince her that it was not “a real artist”.