Surprise! Brooke Shields is premium far of king Philip, and designs a collection of jewelry inspired by their relationship real

Brooke Shields was only fifteen years old when he rose to fame with The blue lake. The film, based on the novel The blue lagoonthe irish writer Henry De Vere Stacpoole, the adventures of Emmeline and Richard, two cousins who survive a shipwreck and are experiencing their sexual awakening in a deserted island in the Pacific. The tape caused an uproar around the world and Spain was no exception. Millions of teenagers of our country saw The blue lake in the movie theaters. The King Philip she was only twelve years old, so probably not able to see the film at its premiere, as it was recommended for over thirteen. But, certainly, the then Prince of Asturias heard about Shields, that same year, he became an icon thanks to this film and a provocative advertising campaign for Calvin Klein.


What neither Philip nor Shields knew then is that they were family. The actress knew that a few years ago when he agreed to participate in the program of american television Who do you think you are?, a documentary series produced by Lisa Kudrow to dive into the past of celebrities. Each week a celebrity makes a trip to trace your family tree and when it came to Brooke, he discovered that his paternal ancestors dating back to Henry III of Navarre and IV of France, the first King Borbón of the country.

But their ties with the Spanish Royal Family are even more narrow. And is that Shields is niece of the Infanta Beatriz de Borbón y Battenberg, the elder sister of the Count of Barcelona, and, therefore, a cousin of King Juan Carlos and his son, King Felipe. Her paternal grandmother was princess Donna Marina Torlonia dei Principi di Civitella-Cesi, a wealthy aristocrat Italian who married the american tennis player Francis Xavier Shields. The marriage had two children: Francis Alexander, father of Brooke; and Marine.


Now, the Hollywood star has turned to his kinship is as real as a source of inspiration for designing a collection of jewelry along with Robert Procop, a jeweler celebrities like Angelina Jolie -created the engagement ring of the diva for her wedding with Brad Pitt – or Hilary Swank. Brooke has dubbed it the “Legacy” (Legacy): bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces with pink sapphires and white diamonds, amethyst and white jade. A line of pieces are opulent and elegant fascinarían to the Queen Victoria Eugenia, a great lover of fine jewelry.


Part of the profits generated by the sale of these jewels will be used to finance the projects of House of Ruth, a center in Los Angeles that works as a temporary home for women and children homeless or at risk of exclusion. The money raised will allow us to extend the projects of this NGO: prevention programs, training, and recreational activities for those mother and children who are fleeing domestic violence and gender. Brooke wanted her collaboration with Robert Procop out of solidarity. Nobility obliges.

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