Surprise rainbow, Kylie Jenner, is perfect for the innovative nail art


Colorful, easy-to-adhere to, the idea is to let her look even more stylish

perfume-ch for the boticario aroma fancy mood


Why not take advantage of the free time to hone your skills for a manicure? Calm down, you don’t need to go straight to that one nail art superdiferentona and full of steps. To start with, ideas are easy to put into practice, such as this surprise rainbow, stylish, and easy to make Kylie Jenner wore.

It’s been a while that the francesinha came back in the first place, due to. Right now, they are the most modern of styles, colors, shapes, and finishes and so much more. The version chosen for the Case of the account with the ends colored a tone of nude, matte base.

To adhere to the nail art, paint first the base color that you want. With it’s fully dry, you will have the afternoon to a surprise. The Use of the shape of the nail as a guide for drawing the stroke color, and be sure to be patient at this point in time, it would go to short it will help you to ensure that the desired end result.

And then, I’ll try to get this nail art for the coming year?