The before and after of the actors from ‘the Princess diaries’


At the beginning of the decade of 2000, Disney launched one of their productions most iconic and popular of the last years that marked the success of many members of its cast: The Journal of the Princess.

The film, like its second part, it was an adaptation action live of the books The Princess Diaries Meg Cabot and told the story of a teenager who was ignorant of her royal birth and her future as queen of country dummy Genovia.

In the film, attended major movie stars before and now as Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews, Mandy Moore, and Hector Elizondo.

Then we’ll leave you with the before and after of these actors to the almost 19 years of its premiere on the big screen.


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The junior series was meant to launch the careers of several of its protagonists

Mia Thermopolis / Princess Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi

In the midst of the chaos that means the secondary for the teenager, learns that it is the next in line for the crown of Genovia.

Anne Hathaway

Hathaway played the future queen of the fictitious land of Genovia to the age of 18, since then, his career took off, establishing itself as one of the actresses most cost-effective, better paid and multipremiadas of Hollywood.

Starred in The Devil Wears Fashion, Les Misérables, Becoming Jane, Love and Other Drugs, Interstellar, Ocean’s 8 and many more films.

She was called to star in the second part of The Diary of the Princess and will star in the third installment.

Queen Clarisse Renaldi

As the grandmother of Mia and the queen of Genovia, is forced to seek her granddaughter to prepare her for the throne before the age of 18 years.

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Julie Andrews

When it came to this production, the actress already had a broad and successful curriculum within the movie, after The Diary of the Princess and its sequel, Andrews participated in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Tooth Fairy, Aquaman; provided voice-films for the Shrek 2, 3, 4 and 5; Haunted, My Favorite Villain 1 and 3. It is confirmed to participate in the third part of The Journal of the Princess.


It was the head of security for queen Clarisse and bodyguard for the main Mia. During both movies, had a romantic relationship with the queen.

Hector Elizondo

After the success that meant The Diary of the Princess 1 and 2, Elizondo, she landed roles in Grey’s Anatomy as the father of orthopedic surgeons, Callie Torres; Love in the Time of Cholera, Valentine’s Day, The Book of Life, Mother’s Day and News Year’s Eve.

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Michael Moscovitz

It was the crush and first kiss of Mia in the first delivery, in addition to a musician and a mechanic in his free time.

Robert Schwartzman

After their participation, Schwartzman was dedicated to his career as a musician and film director. His recent work as on the big screen were The Oc and The Unicorn.

Lilly Moscovitz

He was the best friend of Amelia in both movies. Like Mia, his friend Jeremiah Hart and his brother Michel, Lilly was a denied social that raised the voice in favor of animal rights.

Heather Matarazzo

He participated in some episodes of Grey’s Anatomy at the invitation of Shonda Rhimes, screenwriter The Princess diaries 2 and creative drama doctor.

Also appeared in Home of Phobia, It Saved!, Believe in Me, Sisters, Hostel 2 and Don’t Worry, I Won’t Get Far on Foot.

Lana Thomas

It was one of the antagonists of the film, dealing damage constantly to Mia and her group of friends.

Mandy Moore

After this interpret to Lana, Mandy was cemented as an icon, a teenager of that time, with performances in A Walk to Remember, How to Deal, Chasing Liberty and Love, Wedding, Marriage.

Also, it gave voice to Rapunzel in both films, he also created a career as a singer, songwriter and fashion designer.

Helen Thermopolis

For years, hid him from Mia its position within the royal family of Genovia and the identity of his father, because he wanted to protect her and give her a normal life. While Mia goes to the high school of San Francisco, falls in love with one of the teachers.

Caroline Goodall

He saw in movies as Heaven, the Princess diaries 2, The Thief Lord, Dorian Gray, The Cold Light of Day and Hunter Killer.

It also has a long list of performances to tv series such as The White Princess, The White Queen, CSI, Midsomer Murders and The Good Wife.

Jeremiah Hart

He was a friend of Mia, Michael and in love with Lilly. His hobbies as a magician, his jokes and his appearance made it seem unlikely of the school in the eyes of the popular.

Patrick Flueger

During his career he has maintained a low profile, however he has worked in several

productions such as The 4000, Brothers, Footloose, and Chicago PD.


It was the stylist that will change the image to Mia for becoming a princess. It was also the cause that the press is aware of the identity of Mia before you get to the throne.

Larry Miller

Since before the hit movie, the actor appeared in productions such as The Princess diaries 2, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, National Lampoon”s Bag Boy, Superagente 86 1, and 2; the Alpha and the Omega, Valentine’s Day and Head by Accident.


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