The lessons of style that left us with Studio 54, the iconic album of the New York of the 70’s

The place for sin in the ‘ 70s, Studio 54, is a mine of inspiration for style. We examine its influence through the muses who passed through its doors.

The lessons of style that left us with Studio 54, the iconic album of the New York of the 70's

April 9, 2020

As part of our print edition April 2020, the digital team Grazia Mexico and Latin america presents #NewYorkStories: a series of stories that revisits the icons of New York.

Everyone knows about the existence of Studio 54and , if not, let us put you in context. Studio 54 was the disco the most popular of the decade of the seventies, and the epicenter of the nightlife in the New York of those years. The list of your VIP clients included Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger and Mick Jagger, Grace Jones, Cher, Diana Ross, Brooke Shieldsamong a few other celebrities more. For obvious reasons, the look the had this place and the desire of all it was to be supported by Steve Rubellone of its founders and those who remained at the door for select clients each night.

It is true that in addition to being an entertainment center for dance and spend a spectacular night, was also a catwalk that showed pure style and good taste. Without sparing any details, the attendees wore their best attire, making the place into a space where trends are born and transcended. Today, with nostalgia being the bread of each day and taking learning to the runways of the month of fashion autumn-winter 2020, relive the looks from Studio 54 to inspire our style is completely normal. You are the lessons that endure, and you can wear them today as if they were tricks avant-garde.

The style tomboy

In the decade of the seventies, the androgynous style marked an important turning point in the way of dressing of women. An aesthetic imported from Paris which was adopted to mark an attitude empowered and versatile. The blazerspants tailor and the shirts became a phenomenon all; so much so, that Brooke Shields, Bianca Jagger, Margaret Trudeau, and Lauren Hutton grabbed magnificently of the style, each one giving a certain dimension according to their personality.

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Mom Jeans

It is curious to think that the mom jeans they are an emblem of the nineties; however, at Studio 54, Diana Ross, and Cher already wore. This is nothing more than an affirmation that the jeans are a garment timeless that will go with any style. Yes, both muses demonstrate that the best way of wearing them is accompanied by high shoes —Diana with sandals and Cher mules.

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A look total in satin

Dresses and sets satin were the order of the day. Perhaps there is something more sensual and feminine than a garment satin? Of course, when we refer to the light and soft texture we always think of a dress lencero. However, the style in the night club made it out of the bedroom for a night of excesses cigars, turning the pieces in satin the favorite of the muses such as Jerry Hall that crossed those doors, guarded by Rubell.

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Animal Print

No, the animal print it is not a trend that was born today. In fact, it was a favorite of the scene at Studio 54, and we could even attribute the boom. Combined in a different manner because in those years the pattern of animals was to be carried in total looks, it is true that in these archival photographs looks with a certain savagery glamorous.

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An add-on that never fails, and that Cher and Diane von Furstenberg took him to raise the glamour your look to game stilettos bracelet. Socks bring a kind of chicness auto, and that is more than proven by the shots of Ron Gallela. It is clear the way of taking them: with short dresses or short skirts to let the sensuality prevails.

Straw hat

What a night of partying? Lauren Hutton and Cher said yes to this accessory misunderstood to the atmosphere. But they proved that it is only a matter of combining it with a outfit casual and personality. From now on, greet your new partner for a night of excesses.

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Ximena Monroy

Ximena Monroy