8 tricks to look the lips of Adriana Lima, although you do not have your predisposition


With lipstick or natural, the model brasilea looks lips bulky, thick and very sexy, and with these tips t podrs imitate it

Updated 10/12/2019 19:41

Lips fleshy, simtricos and juicy, as are those who look some famous, like Adriana Lima, are much more attractive and help to see ms beautiful. But if the predisposition has not behaved well with you and has not given you the lips of Adriana Limadon’t worry, because with these tricks podrs imitate them. You dare to try them?

Adriana Lima it is a women’s ms sexy of the planet and not just for their legs kilomtricas and his gaze cat, and also for their juicy lips and thick. With lipstick or without l, the model brasilea looks like one of the mouths most engaging. Their lip favorites are the red and the nudeused to emphasize an ms your lips when you step on the red carpet.

I would like to show off the lips of Adriana Lima? With these tricks you can imitate it.

To have some juicy lips, do not forget to hydrate often. Its delicate skin, which lacks glndulas sebceas and sudorparas, gets dry often and can crack with ease, especially with the fro or in environments that are dry. As the first step to get the lips of Adriana Lima is moisturize dailyas many times as you want (no, blsamos lip glosses are non-addictive).

The blsamo lip Lip Supreme Balm of Martiderm (19,95€) voluminiza, fills and redefines. Its unique formula has a silky texture and juicy that moisturizes and nourishes in a way instant the lips, without leaving sensation of fat or sticky, recovering the shine of a lip healthy.

The exfoliacin helps to eliminate the cells dead and the tops, renewing the skin of the lips. Besides, the simple fact that you exfoliate the delicate skin, makes to increase the circulation sangunea of the area, and the thickness of the lips.

Exfoliating oil, nourishing with micro-crystals of sugar Comfort Scrub from Clarins (37 euros) which is good for the face and also lips. Its gel texture oil transforms into a veil milky upon contact with water. Exfoliates, nourishes and brings comfort to dry skins.

With age, the lips are blurred, lose their natural tone, and thus the contour is filled with wrinkles (what is known as the code bars). To show off some juicy lips and bulky, and also it is important take care of the contour with specific products that help to mitigate the wrinkles.

Flash Serum Contour of Eyes and Lips Segle Clinical (34,90 eur) hydrates, nourishes, reduces puffiness and dark circles and softens the lines around the mouthin addition to add a effect anti-wrinkle botox-like that relaxes the muscles and softens the lines of utterance. Contains a combination of pptidos, caffeine and plant extracts.

The volumizing of lips will help to increase the volume of your lips so instant. Lgicamente its effect is temporary, but it is a solution ideal to wear lips ms thick and beautiful in specific moments. You can use them alone or under your lipstick, and its effect usually lasts a few hours.

The Plumping of lips Fillderma Lips from Sesderma (14,95€) has a filler typical of last generation with acid hialurnico for an action anti-wrinkle with flash effect and long-term. The new format 2-in-1 includes a blsamo that moisturizes and repairs the lips with microspheres of acid hialurnico and collagen and a cream voluminizadora formulated with capsaicin, acid hialurnico, pptidos and AMD. The result is lips ms bulky, with a contour, ms set, besides hydrated.

To get a mouth ms and beautiful like Adriana Lima, before applying the lipstick, use a profiler. Draw the shape of your lip, aadiendo a few millimetres would to the outside, and as conseguirs that appear to be ms big and bulky. The pencil also help you to correct asimetras. Choose a shade similar to the lipstick, or one tone ms clear.

The Lip liner (P)outliner of Marc Jacobs Beauty (20,55 euros, only at Sephora) will help to define the lips and draw a perfect profile before make up. Besides, it fills in the cracks of the lips thanks to its formula extract collagen. It is long-lasting, water resistant and with a gel texture very nice. Is available in three shades of pink.

The illuminator is not only used to give light in the pmulos or in the ridge over the brow (eyebrows), and also help you to look lips ms thick and similar to those of Adriana Lima, if you apply it on the Cupid’s bow (just above the upper lip).

Precious Light by Guerlain (33 euros) is more than an illuminator, it is a wand mgica that reveals the light and erases the signs of aging, and also will help to illuminate the Cupid’s bow to make your lips look like ms bulky.

The lipstick with gloss will make your lips to appear ms juicy and bulky. Another option is to put a touch of gloss transparent in the center of your mouth, on top of any lipstick.

The lip Gloss Gloss Camaleon Cosmetics (6.95 euros), long-lasting and not sticky it can be used alone or next to your lipstick. Available in six shades and three finishes (magic, crystal and metallic), provides a duration of up to 10 hours. Besides, it takes a tripptido and acid hialurnico to hydrate, soften and plump lips getting ms volume.

Also you can look the lips of Adriana Lima turning to one of the treatments cosmetic ms sued lately: the infiltration of acid hialurnico. From Clinical Displays Dorsia they explain that “in addition to rehydrate the lipsimproving the quality of the skin, the acid hialurnico injected produces multiple benefits: provides structure and volume to the lip in a natural wayallowing a profile ms juicy and defined, and removes the wrinkles of the area, perioral”. The effects last between 8 and 12 months and its price est about 250 euros (each session). The infiltration of acid hialurnico you will help to enhance your lips safely and naturally.

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