Adriana Lima designs the tennis that every lover FIT are going to want to

¡Welcome to the Club Lima! And the truth, we could not be more excited. The model Adriana Lima gives a twist to his career and creates his first collaboration with Puma with the which creates, not only the tennis that we LOVE to take our workouts, but the line sports some of the coolest and stylish of the season.

“To be able to create my own collection is a dream come true. My work with PUMA has been extremely collaborative, not only has tried to be the face of many of their campaigns, now I have my own collection.” — Adriana Lima

These pieces have a strong influence on the streetwear and the box ,one of the workouts darlings of the supermodel’s brazilian, which is a practice since 18 years ago, and by which, he decided to take a step towards the world of fashion design sport: “I Took inspiration from the box, for a sport that has been my passion, and I chose four of my favorite colors to give life to the collection: grey, red, black, and white. I worked up the tiredness with the design team of PUMA so you can be sure that everything is perfect, every seam, every detail and every material. I hope you all like it, everything is made with much love and care.”

PUMA x Adriana Lima it is designed especially for women who want to feel comfortable during your workouts, but with an instinct urban, then, are perfect to move from the ring to the streets. What our basic favourite of this collection? Oh the footwear! The tennis are a reinterpretation (very to the Lime) of the classics of the brand, LQDCELL Shatter with a cushioning of impact. What’s better? They come in two different options, and in three colors: the first with a mesh cover while the other comes with a mixture of leather and suede. Whatever you choose will be perfect in your style; but for us, that include golden details, WE LOVE them!