Amanda Bynes will only accept offers to work as an actress – ContraRéplica


In recent years, the game shows that they are competing different celebrities, whether cooking or dancing, have been become in a format that is very recurrent in the screen. Although many still consider these programs a kind of cemetery that are going to die old glories, in fact it is a relatively comfortable win a substantial amount of money and, if all goes well, to recover part of the lost popularity.

Despite this, not all famous without employment they are interested in this possibility: a few days ago it was learned that Charlie Sheen, the former protagonist of ‘Two and a half men’, had rejected a position in the current edition of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ in addition to that , in exchange for their participation, the ABC offered him to record a pilot episode of the series of their choice, which gave him a chance to come back later to television as a performer. And it turns out that Amanda Bynes also did the same thing.

The former star juvenile brings prejubilada own will, from 2010, and since then has starred in several scandals and income rehabilitation: the last of them, at the beginning of this year, occurred due to a stress-induced relapse when it seemed that he had managed to get back on track again your life as a student at the Institute of Fashion and Design in California.

At present, has already been discharged from the mental health clinic where he spent several months to move into a house of sobriety that would offer a stable environment free of alcohol or drugs, and in that context was in which you received the invitation to join the popular contest american.

But on this occasion Amanda would have studied for the offer with a considerable interest, especially in comparison with the one that had been dedicated previously to other proposals, finally decided that was not the way in which he wanted to resume his career.

“In the background, is not the type of ‘return’ you would like to perform. If you return to the industry, you would like as an actress in a recurring role,” explained a source at Entertainment Tonight.

While you’re waiting for that character perfect, Amanda has been proposed to resume the contact with your fans returning to your activity on Twitter and opened up recently to a account of Instagram.

Photo: Twitter