Avengers 4 | Endgame | Actress Cobie Smulders would have confirmed this popular theory [VIDEO] | Avengers Comics


Yet it would be foolhardy to imagine how it will develop the plot of Avengers 4also known as Endgame. What everyone assumes is that the superheroes of Marvel seek to reverse the effects of the snap of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

The idea suggests that we will see the superheroes fallen fight Thanos in Avengers 4, something that the actress Cobie Smulders, who makes Maria Hillseems to have confirmed in an interview on Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Currently, we know that Maria Hill he died because of the popping, but still will be present in Spider-Man: Far From Home to be released in July. She herself confirmed in an interview with Jimmy Fallon. How is this possible? The only option would be for her to revive in Avengers 4.

According to officials Sonythe plot of Spider-Man: Far From Home happens subsequently to the facts of Endgame. This makes us think that there will also be more characters that come back from the ashes to continue in the UCM.