Bayley throws criticism to WWE for Charlotte Flair and WrestleMania


In WrestleMania 36, Charlotte Flair will have the opportunity to be crowned Champion in NXT when you see the faces with Rhea Ripley; while Bayley will dispute the Championship Women’s SmackDown before the other four fighters: Sasha Banks, Lacey Evans, Tamina and Naomi. There is No doubt that the women of WWE they are going to have important roles in the PPV of the year. Although this is not as positive as it seems, in reality. We only have to look at how they have been the constructions of these two fights, especially the second of them.

Bayley launches criticism of WWE

► Bayley throws criticism to WWE for the little attention

Maybe one day the challenging and the monarch may be the faces again in the “Show of Shows”. In issue 33 did, although in a combat to four bands, and the Championship Women’s Raw, they never had a hand-to-hand in the best scenario of all. Without knowing what will happen in the future -for now there are not even plans for SummerSlam 2020- queen blue review in Twitter to the company by his companion. For all the attention he is receiving.

“I just received a message from the social media team with the request that you share this video of their Model to Follow who tweet this video of his role Model, by silencing the skeptics (ding dong) for to promote the week of WrestleMania. But the girl who overcame has the spotlights on it, ¡¡¡¿¿¡¿while that I didn’t even have a t-shirt at the official store of WWE?!??!!!.

Bayley launches criticism of WWE

The champion obviously misses that care more for her, but I could say the same of any of her companions the brand’s blue, or red. While it is true that she should have more attention given his championship. On the other hand, if the situation of Flair is different is because right now he is working on the yellow, a trademark in which the things work other way.

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