Brad Pitt makes fun of Tinder and daughter-Jennifer Aniston’s award


The lady’s man Brad Pittto the 56-year-old, won the prize back in the prize as a result of working on the film Once upon a Time in… Hollywood. The production was directed by Quentin Tarantino has already earned the actor a trophy in the The Golden globesmany other associations, from the american critics, and this Sunday, the SAG (the Screen Actors ‘ Guild Awards), the trade union for actors in the United States. The award is considered to be the primary worry for the Oscar… and the Interview is shown.

The actor has taken advantage of the victories to overhaul its image, scarred up after the scandal divorce with Angelina Jolie, 2016: “and there’s nothing better than a self-criticism for this, as proven by the amusing speech made by him, as the winner of the SAG’s:

“Do I need to add to it [o prêmio] at my age of Tinder,” she said, laughing, before going on to thank the staff who have worked with him in the movie. “Let’s be honest, it was very difficult to find: a guy who gets drug in, take off your shirt and you don’t get along well with his wife. It was a big challenge,” he said, kind of ironic, over-her – role-in reference to the personal life while the audience to the lagoon city. As soon the camera in the prize pool already with Jennifer Aniston, the ex-wife of Pitt, from whom he was divorced in order to stay with Angelina.

The ex-couple is, in fact, has been called to the attention of: behind-the-scenes, and they were taking photos, talking and holding each other in a friendly way. They would be the signs of the expected return?

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In the meantime, the public is able to enjoy all the good speeches, the Interview, on the stage, good-naturedly. In the Golden Globe awards, to thank him for the partnership with Leonardo DiCaprio, he said: ‘I would the door to you”, a joke on the end of it The Titanicin the character of DiCaprio die in the sea, as his beloved Rose, lived in by Kate Winslet, stands alone, and is a spacious piece of driftwood.

Brad Pitt won the SAG Awards for once upon a Time in the… the Hollywood Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston backstage at the SAG Awards (Vivien Killilea/Getty Images.
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston backstage at the SAG Awards by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images