Cobie Smulders adapts its ‘Let’s go to the Mall’ to the quarantine


How I met your mother it is a series that is, literally, the past. But we already know that the important thing was not how Ted met the mother of their children, but Robin, it was always Robin. Let’s remember that Robin was a reporter and presenter canadian, tough and independent. But, like Ted, we all have a past. The character of Cobie Smulders was nothing less than Robin Sparkles, a pop icon teen in Canada.

Like Monica obese Friendsthe adolescence of Robin occupies several of the funny moments of the series. In addition to its aesthetics, with his blonde tresses, and his attitude, totally opposite to the Robin that we knew, the summit of the character is Let’s Go To The Mall. With video clip type Britney Spears included, the theme is nothing more and nothing less than to encourage people to go to the mall. Depth level quinceañera that is left for us all, actors and spectators, always in the head.

But, as we already know, although we agree with Robin Sparkles in that “we all love the mall”, now we must not, or much less go. The thing is, we’ve already heard a thousand times, it’s as easy as staying home. With the help of Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, Cobi Smulders has adapted the song into something more appropriate for this time, Let’s All Stay at Home.

So, at the piano, and fifteen years later, the actress has made this version to collect donations for the three charities that put in the post, Save the Children Canada Help and Daily Bread Food Toronto. The video has already conquered the seriéfilos more nostalgic. Come on, we have conquered for us as well.