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Cobie Smulders makes a new spoiler for ‘Avengers: Endgame’


Cobie Smulders, who plays Maria Hill in the Movie Universe of Marvel, you basically have spoileado part of Avengers: Endgame during an interview with Jimmy Fallon to promote the second season of the series Friends From College.

But questions about the next installment of The avengers are inevitable, and Fallon started to make them. Smulders did not accede to none of the attempts to advance something of what is going to happen in the movie, but yes he confirmed is that he’ll be in Spider-Man: far from home.

What the problem? Due to statements from several executives Sony and the own Kevin Present we are clear that the film is later to Endgame in the timeline of the Movie Universe of Marvel. Maria Hill was a victim of the snap of Thanos, as seen in the scene postcréditos of Infiinty Warso basically, we have been spoileado: they disappear, they come back.

It is true that it was something we imagined would happen, especially with all those rumors of time travel. But with theories or pictures of sets of recording should not be enough. The bad thing is that the actress, in an indirect way, has revealed more of the account.

Spider-Man: far from home is proving to be a severe problem for Marvel Studiosnot only for “spoilers without wanting” of actors, but because the trailer and the movie confirm that Peter Parker is alive at the end Endgameeven when he was another victim of the click of Thanos.

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