Conflict in tennis: Nadal denied Djokovic by his refusal to vaccines


The King of Clay spoke out against Djokovic on the topic.

In these last days, Novak Djokovic, number 1 of the world ranking ATP, it was the epicenter of the controversy in the sport. In the first place, because in a relaxed chat by Instagram with Maria Sharapova, through live broadcasts, the Serbian acknowledged that he played in a drunken state a doubles match for the Davis Cup in 2011, when it faced Sweden.

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On the other hand, some weeks ago, born in Belgrade, is opposed to vaccination in case your application is required to return to the courts. In that sense, he stated that “personally, I am opposed to vaccination and would not want to be forced to that I placed a vaccine to be able to travel”.

This statement of one of the reference points of tennis to a global level, lit the alarms in the world of the racket. Several spoke out against his posture and one of them was Rafael Nadalwho , by their hierarchy and by the amount of titles he has won, holds a relevant voice in the professional circuit.

In this framework, this Thursday in dialogue with the Spanish newspaper la Voz de Galicia, the native of Manacor asserted that “if you require us to get the vaccine, Djokovic will have to do so if it wants to continue playing tennis”. At the same time, he added that “each one is free and I am not one to require to someone, but one must abide by the rules that are there in the circuit”.

On the other hand, the winner of 12 Roland Garros, he spoke about how it affects the disruption of the activity of tennis players and said that “this does not affect equally to all the world. Is not the same as someone with 38 years as Federer another that just has the 21”. In this connection, he added that “if I had gone through this with 21, I would say that it is horrible, but would still have a whole career ahead of him. Now subtract options of winning important titles for our careers, because the physical me will require a lot of time to be back to one hundred percent”.

In spite of this, when you close the note, Rafa is esperanzó and said that “I’m confident in re-aspirate by all at the return”.