Coronavirus Mexico today may 8; latest news, contagion, and death


COVID-19 | may 8 Follow the last hour of positive cases and deaths in the mexican territory

Coronavirus M
Coronavirus Mexico today may 8; latest news, contagion, and death.

Phase 3 of the coronavirus in Mexico continues on its coursewhere the security measures have been reinforced since the sanitary authorities calculated this week as the peak highest of contagions. What is certain is that the numbers of confirmed cases and deaths continue to increase each day.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the world has begun phase 1 of the desescalada. Even, some sports professionals have already set the date for your reanudacin.

We invite you to follow in BRAND Clear the minute-to-minute with the events in ms relevant to the Covid-19, the latest news, contagion, and death of this Friday may 8, 2020.

10:10 | The might release of Health, through its under-secretary Hugo Lpez-Gatell, envi a message to invite the population to not meet to celebrate the day of mothers with the aim to prevent ms infection.

“We are in the midst of an epidemic of Covid. If at this time we met with them, what we will do is to take a problem, the risk of having an infection by the new coronavirus”, declared the deputy minister.

9:58 pm | Cobie Smulders, who gave life to Robin Scherbatsky in ‘How I Met Your Mother’, I shared a video that certainly brought fond memories to the fans of the series issued between 2005 and 2014. The actress revivi the theme ‘Let’s go to the mall’, which interpreted the character in his stage of Robin Sparkles, but he did so with a twist for this little in there that stay at home, titulndola ‘Let’s all stay at home’.

9:45 am | The Ministry of Health of Colombia report 188 new cases of coronavirus in Amazonas, which adds up to 418. Last April 19 it had registered just four.

9:33 am | A well-known area for nightlife in Sel, South Korea, went back to turn on the alarms in the authorities of the pas asitico as reported 13 new cases related to this district and already a total of 15 in the last few days.

9:20 | football in Europe continues to seek ways to adapt to be able to return in the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus. UEFA has made it clear that the local tournaments are the priority, but you will be able to find the way of lelvar out the Champions league and Europa League. Ac will leave you all the information.

9:07 pm | Now begins the weekend and with it come new releases in the different platforms of series and films will streaming. That’s why, here tand we leave the list of what is coming to Netflix, Amazon and ms.

8:54 am | The government of Zacatecas, as well as that of Puebla, reported that also apply the program hoy no circula with the aim of reducing mobility in the state. Unlike the state, poblano, in Zacatecas begin may 10.

8:41 | Yesterday were the trials and this give you already have the first images of the Barcelona training at the Ciutat Esportiva. In the images appear Jordi Alba, Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann, among others. By the way, yesterday, el Vasco Aguirre we confirm IN EXCLUSIVE LaLiga return on the 20th of June. Ac you let the pltica complete.

8:28 | This Sunday is may 10 and is celebrated the day of mothers, but need to make a celebration different in the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus. On the occasion of this date, the deputy minister of health, Hugo Lpez-Gatell, be answering all the questions that have the mams.

8:14 | According to the last report of the government of the City of Mexico, the cutting data of coronaviruses in Mexico until may 7 dej 8.129 confirmed cases -608 in the last 24 hours – and 696 deaths, of which 92 were in the last da.

8:00 | After several weeks of asking the population of Puebla, which is to stay at home, the government of the state of Puebla, I announced the implementacin del hoy no circula from the next 11 of may. This measure will take place because the mobility car has not been reduced, despite the constant warnings of the outbreak of coronavirus.

7:50 | In the last weeks and das we have heard that this whole strategy of stay at home aims to flatten the curve of the infection, but it may not be very clear what it means. The Organization of the World Health says that this is achieved by “reducing the number of cases of people infected that occur every day”. For its part, UNAM mentions that it refers to “decreasing the speed of propagacin of the viruses so that the number of total cases is to distribute as much as possible in the time.”

7:39 | The Mexican Institute of Social Security reported that a patient of 89 years of age logr heal of the coronavirus to the da yesterday. Next to her, 11 other patients overcame the illness.

7:26 | According to the count of the Johns Hopkins University, in the world there are 3.864.696 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 270.020 deaths. The united states is maintained as the ms affected with over one million cases.

7:13 | The government of Spain reported that in the last 24 hours were detected 1,095 cases and 229 deaths per Covid-19. The authorities were clear: “the Whole population has to understand that we cannot allow a few to throw in for earth.”

7:00 | The might release of Health emiti this Thursday afternoon the last update to the time on the statistics of the Covid-19 in Mexico, informing that there are 29,616 infections and 2,961 deaths, being the CDMX the federal entity ms affected.

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