Critical of Feel Good (Netflix): Miniseries honest and emotional


Today we want to discover you one of the small gems that we can find on Netflix, the mini-series Feel good. A tragicomedy, led by the comical canadian Mae Martin, on the loving relationship that arises between two girls. Here is our critique of the Feel good of Netflix, a series that devorarás in an afternoon.

Synopsis of Feel Good (Netflix)

Mae (Mae Martin) is a comedian, canadian, newly living in London, you just know George (Charlotte Ritchie). The love at first sight between them will be instantaneous, and will not take long to share your day-to-day. But living together is not easy, and you will soon discover they know less of one another than they thought.

Scene of the miniseries Feel good Netflix
Scene of the miniseries Feel good Netflix

Critical of Feel Good (Netflix)

If some weeks ago we talked about a mini-series a must call Unorthodox, today we want to recommend one of those small delights that you can find in the extensive catalogue of Netflix: Feel good.

We’re in a mini-series british whose original production belongs to Channel 4. Now it enters into Netflix to rumble with the one that is a risky and courageous bet of his protagonist, writer and director -along with Joe Hampson- Mae Martinby revealing part of his life in an exercise of catharsis and personal.

In his brief six chapters of duration -twenty-five minutes each – you get to amuse, excite and make you vibrate to every one viewer that is as close to its history. I guarantee you, is the very best that we have seen in the last few months. Do you want to know why? Don’t miss our review of Feel Goodthe new series of fashion Netflix.

Mae Martin and Charlotte Ritchie
Mae Martin and Charlotte Ritchie

What will Feel good for Netflix?

It all started when George (Charlotte Ritchie) go to see a monologue Mae (Mae Martin). The crush is obvious. This is not the first time that he comes to see his show and knows of the attraction that produces the young monologuista. Then what is the problem? Don’t you dare to give a step forward because until the day of today has always been heterosexual. Not be able to resist for a longer time and that same night end up rolled up. So begins one of the love stories more beautiful, honest, passionate and emotional, that we can remember.

During the course of the story we will see how Mae you must deal with a problem of the past which becomes super dependent George; at the same time that we will walk alongside George by the complicated way that the wait before being able to publicly admit that maintaining a relationship with a girl.

Lisa Kudrow and Adrian Lukis
Lisa Kudrow and Adrian Lukis

Why do you have to see it?

A story that’s told in a way accurate, organic, and very agile, takes us into the contradictions and ambiguities of its two protagonists. Two girls in love which shall break down the own barriers, in one way or another, have been built around it to be together.

The mini-series of which today you speak of is able to be moved, without resorting to the easy tear, the tender and true story of love that arises between these two women. It will be impossible not to feel attracted by the plot of the series Feel good Netflixno matter your gender or your sexual orientation, it’s easy to empathize with two characters so human, both in his faults as in his virtues.

The protagonists of the miniseries

One of the attractions of the series, and to point out in this review of Feel good, is the great work performed by its two protagonists. Mae Martinalso screenwriter of the series, is Mae. A young, impulsive, chaotic and emotionally dependent on anyone who gives you affection. Little by little we will get to know the tough teenage years that has past and that there are still problems to solve. Charlotte Ritchie it is George, a young, focused and organized life. Until the time was heterosexual, you won’t find it easy to recognize your attraction for another woman. You will have to face their own fears if they want to continue the relationship.

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