Crying, Kim Kardashian! Oswaldo Montenegro-viraliza na web flat color, and yield comparisons to be hilarious, come see!!!


Decorations and clean-please, please, please, do not disturb your friends. This week, Oswaldo Montenegro, viralizou on the web for pictures of your house. On the web, many have been wondering, with all the walls color of the room from the musician, producing a large knock-on effect and other social networks.

It all started last Sunday (03), when Montenegro has shared a video with his boy was written before the quarantine. At the beginning of the set, in a room, all colored, appeared for a few seconds. But, in spite of the short scenes have nothing to talk about! Take a look at it:

A little later, in a tweet, with the image of the artist in the room has reached thousands of liked-and the reactions of the shock of it all. “I’m completely hopeless with the apartment Oswaldo Montenegro. Imagine living in the chaos of the visual, and don’t have a second’s peace in any room of your home. I’d freak out at the first of the weeksaid Marina Barbieri. Take a look at:

The publication is just viralizou, with many identifying to some of the details are peculiar to within the walls, such as the smiley face drawn on the ceiling. Or better: the Wilson print on the ceiling. And here, Wilson?!

There are also those who have found the climate similar to that of the work of his that of Edvard Munch.

A lot of people thought that this concept would substitute for the dreaded ‘White Room’ on the “Big Brother Brasil”. That is, the idea appeals to Boninho, and the Big Boss?

Also, there has been no shortage of comparisons to… To a user, the room, the Ioc might just as well be located in any of the university of Brazil, in line with the aesthetics and the vibe of the thousands of other academics.

Or, you can say that he lives in an eternal breeze numbing?

And it was impossible to compare the casa de Oswaldo Montenegro to the house of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. It’s impossible to deny, that the two are on opposite ends between the blank and the explosion of the psychedelic rainbow. With them, it’s either 8 or 80. Own it:

In any case, many of you don’t like it from the reviews and comments about the the apartment of an artist. Many netizens came to the defense of Montenegro, explaining that the painting of these walls, it’s like a safety valve therapy and the world”.

“Oswaldo Montenegro-you have a diagnosis of intellectual disability for years, he has held the apartment for HIM is what keeps HIM from going crazy, to the point of going to a hospital. I think it’s a fucking lack of respect for pick up in the back of the guy, and talk about things as they said in that tweet”shot of a Twitter user.

The other profile, he recalled a time when the artist himself has explained the meaning behind the painting. “I have met with him several times in the airport and in one of those meetings, he told me the story of this wall. It’s kind of a consultation with the therapist: he’s going to go there, they draw up the declarations, and from time to time, he will paint everything white and start all over again. It is a cleansing of the mind”in the world.

Chaos or not, each and every with its own bedroom, right? Let the International express! We love the creativity! Lol, In 2010, the voice of the “Half” opened the door of her home at “Terrific”, giving the reasons why they decided to do the “reforminha” home, sweet home. Watch: