Damián Szifron film his new movie with Shailene Woodley, figure of Big Little Lies


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After the frustrated project of adapting for the cinema, the popular series The six million dollar man, Damian Szifron return to Hollywood to sign his next film in English, with the action leading from

Shailene Woodley

one of the figures of the series

Big Little Lies


The film Szifron directed and written takes the title of Misanthrope, and, according to anticipated Variety revolves around a police talented, but at the same time full of personal problems that is called by the FBI to determine the profile and the search of a murderer. The start of shooting is planned for before the end of this year in Atlanta and it is still pending the confirmation of the rest of the cast main.

“Misanthrope will offer the type cinematic experience that I became a filmmaker. I feel privileged to be working with an actress as talented and smart as Shailene,” said Szifron through the first official press release from the project. The creator of The simulators will write the script of the film along with Jonathan Wakeham.

The actress added: “Scripts like this, so well executed in tone and theme, rarely come to a director as Damian. I have the absolute conviction that we are going to create something that will have a profound impact on both the film and the audience, especially in the times that run”.

The project is in charge of FilmNation, which will present the film and will start the action intended for your future international sales at the upcoming Cannes film Festival, during a presentation attended by Szifron and Woodley. “Damian has a singular talent and we have the certainty that you are going to create one of those movies that define a decade”, said the CEO of FilmNation, Glen Basner.