Emerging details of the change that concretaría Shang-Chi is a Marvel character


A new report on the history of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings argues that the planned project Marvel Studios, which had to move its release to the root of the pandemic of COVID-19, will modify the source that has one of the characters in the comics.

FandomWire ensures that Awkwafina be construed to Fah What, who in the comics is the sister of Shang-Chi. But in the film adaptation, the character will be modified to be a potential romantic interest.

But this being a movie from Marvel Studios changes not remain only there, since this version of Fah, What in addition would be the daughter of the Mandarin.

The film, unlike what arises Iron Man 3, will be the platform to introduce the real Mandarin, something that had already been rectified in one of the films of the study.

The task of interpreting it would be legendary Tony Leung (Hard Boiled. Happy Together, Chungking Express, Infernal Affairs, Hero, Lust Caution) and the report argues that the villain would have a connection of long standing with Shang-Li, since the Put would have had an orphanage with children with special talent. And in that place was raised the superheroes of martial arts.

The actor Simu Liu interpreted the hero holder, in this production, which now plans to release in may of 2021.

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