Eva Mendes responds outraged after accusing Ryan Gosling not to help her with her daughters


Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling they are one of the couples most acclaimed of Hollywood, but also the most reserved. The couple has two daughters, Esmeralda Amada, and Amada Leebut keep their family life in the most absolute privacy.

However, the actress had no qualms about to clarify things about your family and the role of Ryan Gosling facing accusations that have not liked anything.

After posting an innocent post in which he confessed that his daughters would not allow much free time (as any mother on the planet), Eva received comments insinuating that Gosling is not helping at home or seemed to be a “single mother”.

The actress has responded to the comments with a few clear words:

“I love women. I am a girl of girls. I love to connect with women. It is basically why I have this account. So when I say that I am a ‘mom tired‘and I want to connect with other ‘moms ‘ tired’ not going to exclude to the parents or other caregivers who do a lot of. Simply I am trying to connect with other women, without that to devalue in any way what they do dads.

And why I’m not talking about Ryan and of all the wonderful things that makes as a parent, it is because I keep that part private. I don’t want to involve you to him or how he behaves as a father because I don’t feel comfortable crossing that line that I’ve set.

I feel that it is best that you continue to reveal what I feel comfortable in but not to engage him or my daughters too. Not to be mysterious or rare, it is simply to stay reserved in a public space. Does it make sense? I hope that yes. Because this is my honest answer and I would really love to connect with you women”.

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