Is not what I expected


The star Maria Sharapova played tennis for a long time. It was his main focus for so many years until they decided to go ahead and retire from the sport. In a recent talk with Novak Djokovic , Maria talked about how she has been let go of his life as a tennis player.

Take a look. Maria Sharapova about to retire from tennis Like many other tennis players, Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova also had a chat on Instagram Live. During the chat, Novak asked Maria how it has been to quit tennis.

Mary responded to this by saying: “I would Say that the transition has been very different from what I expected with the challenges that we all face at this time, but I built a good base”

He had many interests off the court, and used very well in my free time. I built networks really good and I learned a lot even while he was traveling. ” He also continued saying that the last few years of tennis were hard for your body.

And his retirement was actually a relief, because you don’t have to put your body under a lot of stress like I used to do. Maria Sharapova had many injuries throughout his career. His shoulder was the main area of the problem and underwent surgery many times.

But this may not have worked very well, so he felt relieved when he retired from tennis. While Maria Sharapova was happy to retire in a way, their fans were not in any way about it.

This was understandable, since they were not going to see your favorite player play tennis ever again. Although they are unhappy, I am sure you will wish that Mary will do well in his life after tennis.

Mary obviously not be able to run their plans at this time due to the pandemic of coronavirus . But with luck, you will do very well in your life after tennis after that contains the virus.